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WOW! Just before the Silly Season; I was introduced to Smart Cleanse; I am so excited to share this product with you as its the first cleanse I have come across using full naturopathic principles to weed and seed the gut. Think detoxifying bentonite clay, strong herbs, tonics and probiotics… Only 14 days and with full support! 

“They say that the most empowering outcomes can arise from the most challenging journeys and the discovery of Smart Cleanse is no exception”…Savannah Daisley

Smart Cleanse was created by the lovely new mum and incredible naturopath; Savannah Daisley. After realising that detoxification, stress management, re-programming self-limiting beliefs, and eating totally organically gave her optimum health, Savannah researched and developed the Premium Naturopathic Detox Program ‘14 Day Smart Cleanse’, with the vision of helping people around the world embrace the power of health and vitality.
She is the author of ‘14 Day Smart Cleanse’, the comprehensive instruction manual that accompanies the Detox Kit, and the author of an upcoming book based on ‘Epigenetics’, the latest on health, and how stress and toxins have a detrimental effect on cell function and structure. Savannah is a total wonder woman; launching her business when she was pregnant with her first child. 

Enjoying my holidays and eating everything I could in sight, downing the coffee’s and sipping on a wine or too (as you do when its christmas), my body went into a bit of meltdown, feeling extremely bloated and gaining 4kgs (yes in 2 weeks!). I was so excited when Savannah offered me to do the program post new years as I really felt like I needed that extra push to get back on track after being way too festive! 
Feeling really motivated; I dove into living very focused for the 14 days on the paleo whole foods program provided and the supplements from smart cleanse. When I got onto the scales on day 4, I had shed all 4 of those christmas kilos, it felt so good and gave me so much more motivation to stay focused. I find seeing results straight up such a confidence boost to know your on the right track and results like these were just crazy talk for me as I usually lose weight so slowly with my thyroid condition. 

I won’t lie; it was tuff at times. The first three days of the program was hard work; I was coming off my 2 week coffee binge, I was tired, grumpy and felt a bit yuck in the tummy. What I really loved most though was the Colon Cleanse Formula; this is by far my favourite product of the program. I call it a colonic is a canister; haha. It is a really powerful yet gentle colon flush formula that really makes you ‘go’; not run to the toilet crazy kind of ‘go’. Just the type of ‘go’ that you know is expelling of the built up toxins in your body and you go and go and go… It gives you that light feeling that is good and makes you realise how much crap can be hanging out inside our bodies creating issues. 

By day 4 I was feeling normal, well actually way better than normal. I felt like I had more energy, my brain was thinking clearer and I just felt lighter and really good. Not bloated and all round yuck which I had felt while I was scoffing my face over christmas (I don’t recommend that by any means)… The remainder of the program was fun, I didn’t lose any more weight but I was bouncing off the walls, focused to eat well and small proportions to keep me going on my weight loss journey. It really made me realise what my body is capable of and how good my results can be when I keep focused and active. During the program I did yoga, ran of the beach and played netball. I didn’t push myself but I worked hard which felt amazing. I just love the feeling you get after exercise. 

What I loved most about smart cleanse was that the products are real; they are made with organic ingredients and they work. Really work! You see so many cleanses on the market that have very minimal active ingredients, or are full of fructose which is not great for gut health. Smart Cleanse uses the top naturopathic grade herbs, vitamins and minerals to rid your body of all the crap and then re-seed it with the good stuff your gut needs to thrive. And it tastes good! The creator or Smart Cleanse; Savannah is a genius! I am really truly so in love with the program and the results I have received I can see me doing it again and again a couple of times a year. I kept raving on about it so much at home, even my husband Andrew wanted to jump on board. The results really speak for themselves and I am so grateful to have taken on the 14 day Smart Cleanse. 

As you can probably guess; I highly recommend you check out this Cleanse Pack. You won’t regret it and you can thank me for the tip later. 

It feels good to feel this good to kick off 2015!!! For more info or to purchase your Smart Cleanse go to: https://smartcleanse.com.au

And I’m excited to let you know that since smart cleanse I have lost another 2kgs. Just another 5kgs to go to get to my next goal. Smart cleanse has helped give me some tools to keep kicking on with my weight loss goals! x

Cass xo

February 6, 2015