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Vintage Bicycles by Papillionaire

A couple of years ago when I moved up to the Northern Beaches from the lower side of the Northern Beaches, I remember heading down the beach and being totally absorbed into seeing everyone on bikes; riding to where they needed to go and looking so careless and free as they did it. Instantly I needed to get myself a vintage style bike, just so I could have a bit of that “free” feeling that I was vibing from those happy riders. I remember laying my eyes into the internet world in the hope of finding the perfect bike and after lots of research and browsing, stumbling across a shop I instantly fell totally in love with! The bikes were stunning, bright and beautiful but with an indy, urban, vintage feel. The real deal; it was Papillionaire Bicycles and I put having one of their bikes on my life long wish list. Papillionaire is an Australian owned and operated bicycle company, designing contemporary and affordable Dutch style bikes.
The bikes on their website just looked like a bike I couldn’t live without and that I was right. Doesn’t the world work in mysterious ways sometimes? 2 years later I am admiring my brand new 3 gear, cream mixte just hanging out to ride it as much as I can.

Last week; I was super excited and honoured to be invited onto the Papillionaire Bicycles website to build my very own vintage bike, yes build my own bike on their website. The website gives you the chance to choose your bike frame, the colour, the seat and handles, as well as add optional extras like the baskets and racks. It is super fun to see what your bike could prospectively look like becfore you purchase. Its just an all round fun way of buying a bike. A couple of days later I took my sister into the city to visit the store and pick up the bike. So full of excitement to check out the store; I was greeted by a lovely guy (I’m so bad with names but he was a lovely guy) and a little shop full of gorgeous vintage style bikes, absolutely beautiful baskets and crazy cool accessories. I couldn’t help but just stop and soak in the warmth of the store as they went to get the bike. Its the kind of store that makes you feel goo to be in; its not huge which makes it nice and gives you that local, small business feel that just makes you feel good. The staff were really fabulous, helping me out the door with the bike and even lifting into my car (around my sleeping baby), I was so grateful of the great service and caring attitude. I can’t rave any higher of the shop experience.

Now you want to know about the bike? Is it good? How does it ride?
Its everything I could of imagined in those early days and more, theres a reason why these guys are known as the best.

About Papillionaire Bikes:
Papillionaire Bicycles prides itself on selling only the highest quality bicycles and accessories. The bicycle frames are made from high quality Chromoly (CRMO) Steel which means the frames are stronger, more durable and lighter weight than many of their competitors who use lower grade, Hi-Tensile Steel.  That is why Papillionaire offers a lifetime frame guarantee!

Papillionaire sources the highest quality components for all bike parts.  This includes steel pedals, crank arm, cogs, fenders, brakes, brake cables and mudguards – NO nasty plastic bits! Their hubs are from renowned, leading brand, Shimano.

Papillionaire Bicycles include:
    -Lightweight CRMO steel frame – strong and durable, but light enough to carry up or down  stairs.
    -Steel pedals with optional toe clips.
    -Mud and chain guards to protect your clothes.
    -Sturdy kickstand.
    -Optional rear carrier to match your bike. Super easy to take on and off. 
    -35mm Kenda Kwest Tyres available in either gumwall (black) or cream.
    -An upright seating position for greater riding visibility and comfort on the Sommer & Mixte models.
    -Traditional seating position on the Classic & Racer models for more aggressive riding.
    -Easy gear shifting – just a shift of the wrist.
    -High quality front & rear Tektro dual pivot front and rear brakes (3 & 8 speeds).
    -Our 3 and 8 Speed bikes provide the range you need to ride comfortably up or down hills.
    -Reflectors for compliance with Australian Safety Standards.

If you would like to find out more about Papillionaire Bicycles go to: http://www.papillionaire.com.au/
Disclosure: I was gifted this beautiful bike but all statements and comments are my own. I love these bikes so much, I just wanted to share my find with you!
February 13, 2015