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Camping at the Basin – Part 1

Our little family of four is getting more into this adventure type stuff. My husband Andrew is so into getting out into the bush and enjoying what nature has to offer. Its a pretty amazing thing to have the opportunity to enjoy. In Australia we have so many incredible places to visit and explore and sometimes its easy to forget about the fun that you can find close to home. I did a bit of camping through school when I was a teenager but my family was never into it so it was never something I went out and did with friends, I was more into getting dressed up and going out dancing. I know I secretly got a little envious of the friends that did get out in the bush with their families but it wasn’t an option for my parents, they liked to know they could have a clean shower and a toilet in a motel room and that always sounded nice to me too. haha.
Getting out with my husband and our little children with a great tent and exploring now makes me have a whole different appreciation for where we live and experiences we can enjoy without stretching the budget or going very far. I mean, to stay at the basin costs $28 a night! That is a super affordable and fun way to spend a weekend away from home.

A few weeks ago, we packed up the car and the kiddies and took an adventure on the ferry to the Basin Camping ground, this is a true paradise, a little island stay-cation. When you arrive you really do feel like you are hidden away from the crazy-ness of life and its only 30 minutes away. Just a great idea for a weekend escape. We packed up all our camping gear onto trolley carts and packed up the car, it was overloaded with gear, we could hardly fit in and we almost missed the ferry running late as usual with kids in tow.
Once we boarded the ferry and the kids had big smiles on their faces we could relax a little and enjoy the trip over. The kids loved the boat ride over, looking for fish and watching the boats go by. It was fun!

We arrived at the Basin late afternoon and picked a spot to set up camp. Its great there as you can choose where you want to put your tent within the boundary markers. We chose a spot up the back in the shade with a beautiful view of the water, amazing right?
Andrew and I put the tent up while the little ones organised the sleeping bags and looking out for the wallabies and ducks.
We blew up our air mattresses, lay out our sleeping bags and lined up our Havaianas. Their cute huh? Love a bit of matchy matchy and we just had to have new shoes for camping on the beach right? Hah! So fun!

Dinner was made on our little camp stove and then after some exploring we set out to go to sleep. It did take a while of rolling from one end of the tent to the other by the littlest one but once we got to  dreamland we all slept well.

When morning broke, we were up and waiting patiently for our friends to arrive…

Part 2 of our adventure coming soon. x

If you would like to find out more info about Havaianas go to: https://www.havaianasaustralia.com.au
Or staying at the Basin go to: http://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/

March 9, 2015