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TRAVEL: South Coast With Friends

Last weekend we went on an adventure with friends. It’s not often we go away with friends. Andrew and I are complete opposites when it comes to socialising; he loves his own time, I love being around lots of people, it can be annoying at times as I want to be out all the time and he wants to be home in the garden but we can come to a happy medium most of the time. 

This time though when I asked if he wanted to go away with friends he jumped at the opportunity clearly because these friends are very special to us; 2 kids exactly the same age as ours and friendship that is one in a million. 
So on the Friday afternoon I picked up P from kindy early, packed the car and drove down to Penrith to meet Andrew at work. He got in the car and we took the 3-4 hour trip down to the south coast, where the whitest sand in the world was waiting to greet us. 
It was such a fun weekend; all Saturday we explored a few different beaches, walking through bush to find them. The kids had a ball climbing the rocks, swimming, snorkelling and building sandcastles. As Andrew always does, he went for a dive and set out to give us the wild caught seafood experience, we ate oysters off the rocks, cracked open a sea urchin to eat the roe, collected cockles and turban shells and took them home to boil and fry up on the open fire for an entree before dinner. It’s so much fun introducing people to new things, things they’d never known before that you could eat and so exciting showing your kids where food comes from. 
In the afternoon; Andrew struggled with the windsurfer (there wasn’t much wind) while we played on the beach. Our beautiful friends cooked us up a delicious dinner and we finished the night off with my raw chocolate and vanilla cheese cake (recipe in my new easter ebook) and ridiculous jokes coming from the dads. 
Sunday morning our family woke bright and early as we do so we set out to give our friends a sleep in by going for a drive to check out more of the local surroundings. 
This was followed by a very relaxed morning of puzzles and board games and then back in the car for our travels home. The kids were pooped, sleeping almost all the way. 
It was such a beautiful weekend and we can’t wait for our next time we can escape. 
Have you holidayed with friends? Would love to hear your stories?
X x
March 21, 2015