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EASTER RECIPE: Chocolate Truffles

I remember being introduced to chocolate made with real food ingredients a few years ago. It was dark, it was delicious and it was eye opening to know that we could all eat chocolate while still living a whole food lifestyle. From then, I set out to making all things ridiculous in my own kitchen. I was intrigued, I was in awe and I was excited! At first, nothing turned out pretty, and it didn’t taste too good either. My husband Andrew was far from convinced that real food could taste good but I stuck to it and ate my way through too many dessert attempts and took way too many terrible leftovers to my mothers groups. It was fun when things turned out well and so exciting when my mummy friends would give it the thumbs up.

Years have gone past, I can cook, I am sharing recipes with my online community and I am still a huge chocolate fan. Who’d have thought we could all eat real chocolate without the refined sugar, the food additives or the guilt?

With Easter this Sunday I wanted to share with you a chocolate recipe from my new eBook; a wholefoods chocolate recipe book for Easter. All recipes contain no refined sugar, no grains, no gluten and no dairy. They are just made with really good stuff to feed our bodies with nutrition. It’s a nice feeling as a mum to know that what you are putting into your kids’ bodies isn’t going to harm their little insides either. So here goes, get in the kitchen this Easter and try my yummy chocolate truffles. They are a great gift idea too; dressed up in a recycled jar with some pretty ribbon! If you would like to see more you can purchase the eBook here.

Chocolate truffles

1 cup macadamia nuts, soaked overnight
Pinch of sea salt
1/4 cup cacao powder
1/4 cup carob powder
50 grams cacao butter
50 grams coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla powder
1/2 cup raw honey or coconut nectar

Chop cacao butter into chunks; place it into the food processor and mill until fine.
Add in all other dry ingredients and process until chopped very finely.
While food processor is still running, slowly pour in honey followed by the coconut oil into the mixture and whiz until all combined and super smooth.
Place mixture into the freezer to firm up.
Once truffle mixture is firm, use a teaspoon to scoop out portions to roll into balls.
Roll balls in cacao powder, chopped nuts or coconut.

The Easter wholefoods chocolate eBook is here — 61 pretty pages and 40 paleo chocolate recipes!
No refined sugar, no grains, no dairy, just real food.
(and it’s only $5 for a limited time only. Same price as a coffee… YAY!)
April 7, 2015