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Going on a holiday (without my kids)

With 1 sleep to go until my big adventure, freaking out is an understatement. On 1 hand I have 3 blissful weeks of travelling Europe with a great friend without any whinging, crying, nagging or screaming. But on the other hand I am leaving my beautiful babies behind and will miss them more that anything, no cuddles, kisses or I love you Mummy’s!
I’m a little lost for words at how I feel. I’m beyond excited to go on an adventure but I’m just going crazy at the fact that I am really doing it. Is it really ok to leave my little ones without a mum for 3 whole weeks?
I’m more that confident that they will have an incredible time with their Daddy. He will be heading off down the coast for 3 weeks off work to spend with our children that he doesn’t get to cuddle as much as me. Being in the job he is, life is hard as a Dad. He gets the raw end of the deal, he gets to see them most weekends but its not the same as being able to sit with them for dinner and stop them straggling each other in the bath and tuck them into their beds at night with big kisses and cuddles and bedtime stories. I get to do all of that and more. The more I think and stress, the more I see that this time away is for me to have a serious break from being a mum, a wife and all round needed, I get to revive all that I am and can be. 

My husband is going to be able to do the same in a totally different way; he gets to be the parent, he gets to be there and he’s really excited. I’ve started writing the lists of routines and can and cants but he’s  just really looking forward to being able to do the simple stuff that he misses out on on a daily basis, without me hanging over his shoulder.
Seeing what he does for us, makes me appreciate being a mum so much more and thats why I am really excited for him to have that time with them to be mum and Dad, like I do Monday to Friday without him. Yes, of course its hard work being a parent and a lot of dads would be a mess at the thought but when they are given the reigns its amazing how incredible of a care giver they are and I have full confidence that my tribe will be ok without me for the time I am away.
I will miss them, I’m sure they will miss me. But we have such good resources now with technology so we will FaceTime and send pictures and keep each other updated. It will be hard to say good bye but the 3 weeks will be fun for all of us!
I hope to have time to get on the blog and write about how we are travelling and share with everyone what we are getting up to. I’m excited to go away and be me, not mummy, just me and I will be even more excited to come home and give them all a huge hug on my return!
I’ll chat to you all when I hit the Greek Islands! Eeeekkkk! Yay! 
Cass x

May 10, 2015