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Keeping active with 3M Futuro Custom Dial System

This post is sponsored by 3M FuturoTM
Only a week ago, I was sitting next to my
husband in the car as he was driving us back from the far south coast. 4 hours
into our (at least) 8 hour trip, in quiet time with both kids being asleep I
could see him adjusting his arm position a lot and then he asks me to Google;
“how to fix tennis elbow” … Huh? He didn’t think it was as bad as tennis elbow
but his elbow was giving him a lot of grief. We get into a conversation about how
long he’s been having elbow pain and what he thinks has caused it. Turns
out it’s been niggling him for over a month and it comes and goes after heavy
lifting and exercise or long drives so it seems. This is not a happy thing to
be happening to someone whose job is quite physical. We have always used 3MFuturo support products; sprained ankles, sprained wrists, and for knee problems.
Being active people we’ve had our fair share of injuries and growing older you
notice those not so fun times popping up in everyday work.
Recently I was introduced to the new
3M Futuro Custom Dial Supports. It’s funny, when I saw the innovative Boa Technology, it reminded me of a pair of snowboard boots I have. This system is
amazing in regard to tightening your boots and supporting your ankles so I
could imagine that it would work wonders in support products, such as these Custom Dial Supports. 3MFuturo using this system has reinvented how ski boots, medical braces and other equipment perform. The
closure system enables micro-adjustments with a twist of a dial, resulting in
convenience for those with strain, arthritis and injuries. They are super easy
to wear as the leading Boa Technology includes ‘click to fit’ dials, providing
targeted pain assistance with the twist of a dial. It sounded all too good to
be true for the guy sitting behind the wheel just trying to get home without a
really painful elbow. He decided to put the elbow support on and see how it
Pretty incredible but his words were,
“instant relief”.


3M Futuro Custom Dial Tennis Elbow has
three times more targeted pressure that can be applied on the affected elbow
tendon without increasing pressure around the entire arm. Also, because it fits
easily under clothing, the soothing gel pad conforms to the shape of the arm
providing additional comfort.
This was a win win. Driver was happy and I
could have one less whinger in the car for the next 4 hours home.
I am now totally sold and I’ve started
using these supports for myself. They are great for after a workout at the gym
or a long day of physical activity to avoid joint pain and relax. What I love
most is how easy the 3M Futuro Custom Dial supports are to wear. Being a
mum, we have to be on our game, picking up kids constantly, getting from one
activity to the next. If we don’t look after ourselves, little injuries can pop
up or just the business of the day can put pressure on areas of our bodies that are
just not made for it. Another product I have looked into is the 3M Futuro Custom Dial Wrist Stabiliser. This one is very cool and is great for if you’re lifting kids or babies up and down all day, it provides highly targeted
“support on demand” with two adjustable dials allowing the support to be
modified throughout the day.

I like it because it has durable lacing and
materials however it is still breathable and soft on the inside.
Gone are the days when you have to hang out
in pain until your injury heals. It’s not ok to feel out of whack, its nice to
have a product that you can rely on when things don’t feel right. Our bodies
are our most precious assets; we must look after them well!

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