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TRAVEL: Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece…
So they say Mykonos is the island that never sleeps, party island and everything’s on the table? Haha. For us though, we spent 5 blissful days waking up early, working out, eating well, laying by beach, snorkelling, exploring on the quad bike and in bed by 8pm. Yes, you may or may not be disappointed when I tell you that we didn’t even touch the night life of Mykonos. As people were walking out for dinner looking glamorous, we were sending our exhausted bodies and sun kissed skin to bed. We were pooped and we loved every minute of the relaxation. They turned on the heat for us at Mykonos and we spent many hours tirelessly laying on the beach, only moving to put ourselves in the water for a splash.

We stayed that the Myconian imperial, a 5 star resort 200 metres walk above the beach of Elia. This time of year, there aren’t as many people, meaning lots of room on the beach. The pool area was out of this world, think white and black, clean lines, beautiful sun lounges, umbrellas and a gorgeous restaurant. The mykonoian imperial is about 20 minutes drive to the town of Mykonos and we loved being out of town to rest and relax from the silly business. 
It was hard not to fall in love with the hotel, the service was brilliant and I would highly recommend staying there.
It kind of feels like all the days rolled into one and it was brilliant, a real holiday of revival. I think it’s safe to say that Mykonos is my favourite island; the water is stunning clear and blue. We bought a couple of snorkels to play with and found rock pools to swim in. 

We did make it into the town a couple of days, just browsing the boutique shops and exploring the white little streets. The town has a really trendy feel, some high end brands, heaps of cafes and bars. Little Venice was very cute, a great little spot to grab a coffee or a drink on the water. 

Our favourite day was definitely our last though, we got on the quad bike and went on an adventure to check out the little beaches. We found this amazing little cove full of rock pools and not a person in site. In true Mykonos style, we got naked and tried for a full body tan, it was hilarious, we laughed until we almost cried, snorkelled the crystal clear waters and soaked in the freedom. 

Mykonos, we love you…Next stop, Barcelona!

May 30, 2015