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TRAVEL : Santorini, Greece

What an incredible place… 
As most of you know, I set out exactly one week ago on the ultimate girls trip, a full 3 weeks kid free, with one of my bestie’s, exploring Europe. First stop, Santorini…here’s what gone on so far.

We arrived into Santorini on Monday night, weather a bit windy but holding hope for sunshine for the days to come. 

After a full nights sleep, we got into a little skipping, exploring and then hit the town on a quad bike. How weird it is to see cars on the other side of the road and every corner thinking their coming right at you. Needless to say, I didn’t drive. Haha. I left that to Torah, the woman of many talents and no fear at all. I held onto the Sony action cam, as I held onto the bike, taking fun photos along the way and taking in the surroundings of this beautiful island. The hills, the cliffs, the houses, the water and the islands surrounding. What an incredible feeling to be on top of the world! We explored and laughed a lot all day. 

Along the way, we found Faros market, a small family owned organic farm and store on Santorini. The gorgeous lady that runs the store showed us around her garden and we tasted her homemade wine, marinated goats cheese, sun dried tomatoes, pickles, preserves, capers, olive oil, raw honey and amazing homemade skin creams and oils. Such an awesome find and a beautiful shop to hang out and chat about real food. Loved every minute of it. If your ever in Santorini, you need to check this little gem out, say high and buy lots of little goodies. 
She even has little bags of tomato seeds from her garden behind her desk, the real deal, they say you can’t beat a real Greek tomato, and she might give you some to take home.

Tuesday we woke early and did a workout, followed by brekky and then a hike up to ancient Thira. What I imagined to be a beautiful stroll was a serious leg shaking hike. Rocks crumbling down as we stepped but Incredible views as part of the package. 
When we got back to our hotel, we had a little lay by the pool and then in true can’t-sit-still style, Torah had the great idea of cliff jumping from the end of the beach. I was freaking out a little, scared of what could be in the ocean, scared of the drop and just all round scared of the unknown. I used to jump off the wharf in Merimbula as a kid but thats well over 10 years ago and 2 children later, I don’t take many chances. I sat back for a moment, let Torah take 2 jumps before me and then did it. It felt incredible, the adrenalin of just being fun; just crazy, silly, clean, young fun. The type of fun that I miss having to act all grown up, it was such a great feeling to feel like a careless young kid again so I ran back up and had to do it again.

Wednesday we went sailing, sailing on a yacht around the local islands. We sat out on the front in the sun, they served us a delicious Greek lunch full of seafood and yummy salads. How amazing is Greek salad with Greek tomatoes? 

We jumped off the boat in the volcanic hot springs (that weren’t warm yet) and swam in the blue waters. The cruise back was incredible, the rock formations of the islands are just so perfect and you literally can’t take your eyes off the land as you look over their water. The sun was cranking and it was so nice to have it beaming on my skin. 

Friday we moved up to Oia. This is the place up on the cliff that you see in all the pictures of Santorini. Think white buildings, blue domes, little lane ways and out of this world views. This is where everyone come up to see the sunset.
We explored the village all day, gorgeous little streets, amazing shopping and an all round awesome vibe.

The following morning, after our workout, we took a walk down to Amoudi Bay. Its right at the base of Oia, you won’t find any sand at this beach but at the bottom of the 280 stairs you will find a stunning nook where it is protected from the wind and crystal clear water to swim in. Water was a bit cold but we jumped in and swam across to the little island, climbed up the rocks and took another jump from the ledge into the deep water. I was nervous as anything but once again, I stepped out of my comfort zone and into the deep blue.

This past week there has been a lot of that, stepping out of my comfort zone and finding me again, the fun me that had been lost a little as I entered my journey of motherhood. As we were grabbing our towels down at Amoudi, I had a little tear, a tear of joy and happiness of how grateful I am to my wonderful husband Andrew and my buddy Torah for making this adventure possible and to take a moment to think how fun life can be when you allow it to be. I’m feeling inspired and when I get home I will be bringing way more fun into our little families lives!!!

See you later Santorini, what fun we have had. Next stop, Mykonos…