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This school holidays, HI-5 are touring Australia. I remember HI-5 when I was younger and my sister was a toddler, she was obsessed with them, I just wanted to grow up and be them. Haha. I loved dancing and singing and thought it would be the coolest job, entertaining little kids. I learnt every word of every song and every movement, I remember that I would perform to my little sister. 

Years later, HI-5 are still loved by the kids. When I was offered tickets, I just knew little P would love it and the little man would go crazy for them. I dragged my husband along too, just because I thought it would be nice to make it a family afternoon out. We took a trip into the city, walked along the waters edge and admired the buildings and the stunning harbour bridge, made our way through Luna Park and into the big top for the show. 
When the music started the kids eyes were glued to the stage, the lights, dancing singing and props were so fun and the big smiles that merged were so beautiful to watch, it’s moments like these that I really love being a mum! Admiring my little ones faces as they have new experiences, you can see their eyes opening wider and wider. 

After interval, I let little P go down the the kids ‘mosh pit’ (aka the dance section). She was right up the front, with her eyes glued to the stage, dancing, copying the moves, it was so unbelievably cute!!!! 
When the show came to an end, she looked up at me, bursting with happiness; “THANK YOU MUM! THAT WAS SO COOL! CAN WE DO THIS AGAIN ONE DAY??” Oh man, I just wanted to squeeze her with love, she was just so happy and had so much fun. 
If you have any little ones, I highly recommend checking out the HI-5 HOUSE OF DREAMS show. You can find more info here: http://www.hi-5world.com/content/tour.aspx
Disclaimer: I was gifted tickets to see the HI-5 house of dreams show but all words and comments are my own. We had such a fun time, I wanted to share it with you. πŸ˜‰
June 28, 2015