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Let's be grateful for the good!

Lately I’ve been seeing blog posts or social media posts pop up about how hard parenting is and how awful someone’s kids are, how naggy or wingy someone’s day was or a never ending tantrum, a snarly look they may of received from a fellow mum or negative comments they heard about their parenting from a passer by. I understand blogging or social media in general can be an outlet and I won’t pretend I haven’t done it myself. We all know as mums that parenting is hard work!!! It’s a 24 hour a day job that doesn’t go away, you can’t switch it off, you can’t sign out, you are there with your babies to give them a world to grow. You are their life line for at least 18 years, you are it, and you did it, you created them! 

So why is it that mums dwell on the negativity and the hard times instead of celebrating the amazing little creatures that they are? Celebrate the fact that as mums, we are pretty dam amazing to actually team up with our chosen partner and grow something that incredible!
Tell me I’m still stuck in my holiday away from my kids bubble but why do so many mums care so much about the look someone may have given them across the supermarket or the older lady that shook her head at them as their child was screaming at the check out? Why is it important to any mum what anyone else thinks about the way they parent? It’s knowone else’s business but their own. 
Over the past week I’ve made time to chill my mind and just watch my kids, be with them and admire their little personalities, talk with them, ask them questions and be really interested in what they have to say. I’ve watched how they get excited about things and listened more when they are upset. They are just beautiful, gorgeous and perfect in every single way and I want to squeeze them with love. I’ve noticed more of what they love doing for fun as they laugh, watched as their tiny bellies chuckle. The way they say their words or ask questions can be just funny and adorably cute. They are little people and they are growing up even better than I could of imagined. 
These little people are part of us and we are their to nurture and guide them through a life of positivity and build them up to be brilliant so when I see posts that put kids down or paint them in a picture that just isn’t nice it makes me pretty angry because writing about them on the internet is beginning their online story, the internet isn’t the best place to vent about our children because once it’s on the web it’s there forever!
I’m voting for a change in content, I don’t want to see negative attacks on kids, I don’t want to see them being made a joke out of, I want us all to sprinkle them with love. I know it’s nice sometimes to hear that life is not perfect for everyone but it’s also nice to appreciate the simple things that our children bring to our lives and share our love for them in inspiring ways. If we need to vent about our children, let’s pick up the phone and call a good friend not plaster the details all over the Internet. I want to see positive, inspiring, sopping with happiness and joy type of love posts about our kids! We know that mum life is not all roses but let’s try to switch our minds to seeing the positives in our day, the really simple but beautiful, only a mum can see stuff! 

Let’s stop talking about how hard things are and be grateful at just how beautiful these little guys are that we are so privelidged to hang out with all day. We all had kids because we wanted them, let’s enjoy them and share how much we love them! It may even brighten up a fellow mums day, good energy is contagious!

So what is the cutest thing your little one does? What is their favourite thing to do? 
June 14, 2015