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More Energy Now with Arborvitae


As most of you know by now, I am a mum on a mission to raise holistically healthy kids while leading by example and looking after myself the best I can. I aim high. I don’t listen to the media. And I like real, nourishing food,no junk!
My main aim as a mum to two small children is to build their immune systems up the best that I can, through minimizing the crap that goes into their clean little bodies. I also want to feel good; I want to live a long and healthy life with them. I don’t want to go through life feeling below average; I want to be bouncing through, enjoying as much as I can and feel great!
My family has been through quite a journey and I have had times when I have lost myself along the way. Only 1 year ago, I was battling a major weight issue and thyroid condition that I couldn’t seem to do anything about, no matter how hard I tried. I felt disgusting, I was tired, heavy and couldn’t do my job well, I wasn’t being a good mum because I wasn’t looking after myself. I was a whole-foodie, I wanted food to fix me, I didn’t want to know about supplements, I was in denial.
It took me a while to get over myself and get myself to a holistic doctor but when I did, things changed. She explained to me the nutrients I was lacking and why I needed to take something extra to boost me up and get me back to feeling good. I had to stop beating myself up about why things weren’t changing and surrender to the fact that most of the time we need a bit extra.
Fast forward 12 months, I take about 7 different supplements a day and I am feeling good. Hah. Right now I need this stuff to function well and I’m ok with that. I’m learning more about how supplements really benefit us and as Mums we need to put ourselves first to do the best job we can for our kids.
One thing that comes with a thyroid condition is inflammation, that feeling of being puffy. Its not nice, especially when you’re trying to loose weight. I’m always looking for new things to try and assist in my own healing journey as well as things that can benefit mums to feeling the best version of them.
Recently I have been introduced to Arborvitae. It’s a new health and wellbeing supplement that is designed to assist the body to neutralise many of the negative health effects of today’s lifestyle. And lets face it; in today’s society we all carry a huge amount of toxicity that we would not even know about.
Arborvitae assists the body to rid itself of waste and toxins associated with bad eating habits, consumption of processed foods, smoking and drinking. Due to the powerful nature of the ingredients and the way they are combined, Arborvitae enters the bloodstream within 10 minutes and immediately goes to work in many ways. Amazing!

For the past month, I have been taking 30mls of Arborvitae every morning with my breakfast. The taste is good and it’s easy to remember to take as I sit it next to the kettle. If you have a chronic condition you can take 50ml with breakfast and then again at dinner.
Arborvitae is a daily supplement that can normalize blood glucose levels and reduces inflammation at a cellular level; this means if it is taken consistently, it can help a healthy person to prevent chronic illnesses as well.
What I love about this product is that people are seeing and feeling dramatic improvements in their pre-existing conditions. Blood tests don’t lie and the results are clear on paper for a lot of these people. This makes me really happy, as I am all for health supplements that actually will improve your health as I have experienced through my own health journey and Arborvitae’s formulation are based on years of testing and research into the impact of inflammation in the human body.

To give you some nitty gritty, my research shows that Arborvitae:

·      Removes free radicals
·      Introduces powerful anti oxidants
·      Strengthens blood vessels
·      Raises the level of NO in the bloodstream
·      Contains vitamins that are fully absorbed into the bloodstream
·      Supports the health and function of the immune system
·      Reduces inflammation at cellular level – this type of inflammation is associated with many of today’s chronic conditions such as Diabetes,.
·      Helps normalise blood glucose levels in healthy individuals

The supplement contains no dairy or starch and is packed with French Maritime Pine  Bark Extract (the wonder ingredient) along with the highly respected juice from Aloe Vera; another glory juice that is said to be a superfood.
For me, it’s been energy. As a mum of a crazy toddler and a super slow thyroid (not sure which one is worse), I have days that are good and days that are not so good, nights that I get sleep and nights that it’s minimal. I have found that this past month I have been taking Arborvitae; I have had steadily high energy levels, I want to get up and dance with my kids and bounce off the walls with them instead of screaming at them to chill out. Its fun to be having fun! I highly recommend everyone have a look at this product.

If you want to learn more
about Arborvitae, go to: www.arborvitae.com.au

June 6, 2015