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Triumph Find The One – 4 Bras that every woman with larger busts should have!

If you were “blessed” with big breasts you know what I mean when I say that finding a bra that fits well and comfortable is a pain in the behind. Its not a fun experience to go bra shopping with your girlfriends when every ‘nice’ bra in the shop isn’t in your size and you are left with basket ball nets that make your boobs look like that are either enormous  or tee pee’s. Being a woman myself with a chest that is a curse of droopy, heavy, stocking type things, I haven’t had fun in the bra department at the shops.
I’m really excited to share with you that Triumph have a brilliant range of bra’s for everyone and they are all pretty. I’ve been wearing triumph bras for the past few weeks and they are so comfortable, I can’t stop raving about them to everyone. Comfort for me is key and having something that looks nice is always a winner as its just nice to feel that bit pretty.

Besides the fact that I love Triumph’s range of bra’s for women of every shape and size, I absolutely love the that Triumph has created an animation that brings to life the magic of finding the perfectly fitting bra with the first ever cartoon model. Its adorable and it makes it fun, and lets be honest mums; finding “the one”, the perfect bra is like finding gold right?

Triumph is excited to announce the launch of its Find the One short animated movie that brings to life the magical, fulfilling experience of finding the perfect fitting bra. Created to accompany the Find the One campaign, the movie uses animation to tell the emotional story of finding the right bra in a beautiful and innovative way. Not only is animation very of the moment, its use in this context is groundbreaking: it is the first time a lingerie brand has used this format to convey the life changing experience of finding the right bra and the first time it has animated one of its models.
Nicola Hodgson, Head of Brand at Triumph says: ‘It is really important for us to find new ways of bringing to life the bra finding journey so that we continue to inspire customers to go for a bra fitting. By transforming our global model, Hannah, into a cartoon we are treading new ground and by doing so, we aim to create a compelling visual experience that captures the magical feeling of finding the right bra that transforms your life – “The One.”’
The animation follows the animated Hannah and her two friends – Mara and Tammy – on a captivating journey to finding “The One”, and features the wondrous moment that Hannah finally finds it. Playing on the classic fairytale search for “The One”, Triumph cleverly exchanges Hannah’s perfect man for her perfect bra. Together with Hannah’s faithful companion, Fred the Frog, the three make a charming bunch who enliven the story of the journey to find “The One.”

Music is central to the animation, carrying the story with a score specially composed for Triumph by Tony award-winning American musical theatre composer, Jason Robert Brown, and the vocal performed by three acclaimed Broadway singers. Prague’s Filmharmonic Orchestra, one of the most sought-after orchestra’s in Europe having worked with everyone from Celine Dion to The Streets, performed the enchanting musical accompaniment.
The innovative animated movie takes viewers on an emotional journey with Hannah and her friends that capture the joy of finally finding the bra that is just right for you; a bra so special, so pretty and supportive that you will spend the rest of your lives together – it’s a life changing moment.

View the animation at triumph.com/findtheone. I highly recommend just dropping in for a fitting or booking an appointment online to find ‘The One’.
To find out more search #FindTheOne


 Here are 4 bras that I believe every woman with larger busts should have!

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June 6, 2015