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10 Tips for Healthy Kids this Winter

Last week, we were invited to a lovely mums morning tea at Taronga Zoo for kids Prospan to learn more about this natural herbal product to assist in beating coughs this winter and talk to Gerald Quigly, the Kids Prospan Spokesperson, pharmacist and medical herbalist. He was amazing to listen to as he’s so passionate about keeping families healthy and fighting the dreaded winter bugs naturally! He is aligned with what I am so passionate about and I am thrilled to be able to share these tips that he shared with us on the day, with you for keeping your kids healthy all year round! 

Tips for healthy kids

1. Allow time for exploring and understanding their environment. Don’t restrict developing children, allow them to be “uninhibited” as much as possible. Bearing in mind their own safety, allow them to explore, understand, touch and feel. Recent research even shows that using household furniture to help them stand, climb and develop their spatial awareness plays as vital a role as fancy, modern developmental tools within the house or yard.

2. Encourage adequate hydration (water is best).

3. Allow development of the immune system. A temperature isn’t always a bad thing it’s a self-protective mechanism initiated by the body’s own immune response to fight viral infections. Temperature is a sign of a healthy immune response – raising body temperature by a small amount is often sufficient to remove a viral infection.

4. Develop good gut health. Using natural products such as yogurt to support healthy gut bacteria – which is the seat of a healthy immune function.

5. Expose taste buds to a variety of food textures and tastes, eating a healthy well rounded diet is vital for children’s health.

6. Adequate sleep is important for growth and development, but remember each child is individual so while 8-9 hours might be the ideal number not all children will sleep that long. Some might benefit from rests during the day and then a smaller amount of sleep at night, it’s all about understanding each child’s needs.

7. Social interaction with others helps develop personality. Being able to mix and share with other children encourages them to develop more understanding towards others as they grow older.

8. A runny nose can actually be a sign of good health. Runny noses need to be supported and controlled rather than suppressed to help children with the decongestion of their nasal passages.

9. Never underestimate the value of the old fashion techniques (ask your mum or grandmother). For example chest rub to clear a blocked nose or letting children play outside were things our parents and their parents did to help boost health.

10. Dirt, it doesn’t hurt! Let your kids explore and grow outside!

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