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If you have been feeling overweight, lacking in motivation and waking un- refreshed this winter, believe me you’re not alone.

With the lack of warming sunlight in those cold winter months, in most cases winter is that season where we gain a couple of kilos for that extra and insulation we think we need. But do we need that extra body fat to keep us warm? Can’t we just put on a few more layers of clothing rather than body fat?

If you are doing Dry July, giving yourself a break from booze for the whole 31 days, congratulations! It’s a huge and worthwhile commitment that will take your health and vitality to a new level and keep you trim at the same time.

If however you have been considering detoxing for a while, but are after some encouragement here are 6 motivating benefits happy cleansers vouch for, after embarking on Smart Cleanse.

1. Flatter tummy because bloating disappears

When you detox you support the system that is entirely responsible for your overall health… your digestive system! And it’s your amazing gut microbiome (gut flora) that supports, protects and nourishes your gut wall, and your digestive process. There are about 100 trillion microbes in your gut…. So that’s an astonishing number of friends you didn’t know you had, and that you need to take care of!

With enhanced nutrient absorption due to improved functioning of your gut flora, gut wall and your villi (finger-like projections in your small intestine that absorb nutrients), bloating disappears because food is being broken down more efficiently, and there is less chance of opportunistic flora fermenting your food.

On top of that when you avoid sugar and processed carbohydrates you not only retain less excess water, you minimise the production of gases due to sugar fermentation, which also reduces bloating.

Another thing that miraculously happens too is that stress hormones, usually interfering with digestion, take a vacation so blood and nourishment diverts back to your digestive system, smooth muscle (that usually traps wind) completely relaxes, and digestion goes back to optimum functioning. What does this all mean? Flatter tummy!

2. Overall digestion improves and energy increases

Your digestive system is your main source of energy. Its role is to assimilate and absorb all the nutrients from the food you eat and the beverages you drink. Its job later is also to efficiently eliminate the left over toxins and wastes from this process.

Detox supports your digestion as it enhances elimination, weeds out unfriendly gut flora, seeds in the beneficial gut flora, strengthens your gut wall, and cleanses and supports your liver.
And what does this all mean for you? Your digestive system produces abundant energy levels for you!

Your mitochondria (energy producing factories inside every single cell in your body that produce ATP) are also responsible for your energy levels. In cases of excess toxicity, energy usually declines. This is because your mitochondria are profoundly affected by chemicals, toxins, and oxidative stress, from free radicals.

Detoxification mops up these free radicals providing a steady supply of antioxidants and reduces mitochondrial toxicity. All these factors greatly ad to your overall energy potential!

3. Sleep is deeper and they wake refreshed

When it comes to investigating which villans are responsible for robbing you of a deep and refreshing sleep, you can almost be 100 percent certain that stress hormones adrenalin and cortisol are the suspects, along with chemicals especially caffeine and alcohol.

The beauty about detox is that it reduces your stress hormone levels, while having you avoid caffeine and alcohol, among the many other toxins that interrupt your sleep.

It also allows maximum secretion of a human growth hormone (HGH). HGH has magical benefits such as breaking down fat stores over night, building muscle, tissue regeneration, cellular repair in every system, liver regeneration, blood sugar regulation and healthy ageing.

Sound sleep also reduces anxiety and depression. In a study in the Journal of Biological Psychiatry, complaints of 2 weeks or more of insomnia was found to be a useful marker of major depression (1).

8 hours of sleep every night that you will experience on Smart Cleanse, pardon the pun, cannot be “stressed” enough!

4. Love handles melt away almost effortlessly 

Toxins are fat-soluble and are stored within your fat cells. Put simply, the more toxins in your body, the more fat cells your body produces.

This is because when you are toxic your body cleverly zips up toxins in fat cells to protect other organs and tissues form toxic exposure. The toxins are safer inside your fat cell than floating freely in your system.

However, if by chance your fat cells become to “full” or overloaded, inflammation can manifest as a result of your immune system attacking the toxic fat cell. This is another reason why is so unhealthy to be overweight or obese and latest statistics show that 63 percent of Australians are. That’s quite concerning for our Nation.

Smart Cleanse addresses this and will put you into a state of fat burning after 72 hours, lowering your excess blood sugar levels and and minimising the levels of your fat storing hormone insulin. This allows glucagon, your opposing fat burning hormone, to increase and do its job of melting fat away and turning it into energy.

All this along with healthy digestion, a restored gut flora community, and a liver that burns fat as it should makes Smart Cleanse’s detox routine, with its low GI plan, a double edged sword for weight loss!

5. Feel clearer, happier and sharper in the mind 

With over 90% of your brains serotonin manufactured in your gut its is any wonder that during and after a detox your feel calmer and happier. Serotonin is your “feel good” neurotransmitter that prevents depression, regulates sleep, appetite and body temperature, and also repairs damaged liver and lung cells.

Dopamine and GABA, two of your other neurotransmitters that elevate mood and make you feel calm are also manufactured in your gut adding to your mental clarity and calm.

Also, when your gut microbiome is dominant in beneficial microbes, opportunistic gut flora is under very tight control and there is minimal release of their exotoxins and endotoxins (toxins produced by these pathogenic microbes), that cause inflammation once your immune system destroys them.

A detox like Smart Cleanse prevents these microbial toxins, which become neurotoxins (brain toxins) from entering and harming your brain which allows you to feel bright and happy.

6. Libido increases

Detox gives you energy, elevates your mood, rests your adrenal glands and minimises stress. All of these ingredients are known to put you in the mood for sex.

When stressed and upset you of course tend to lose interest in sex. Have you ever experienced that? But if you were to lay on a massage table and stimulate your relaxation response you would definitely change your mind!

You see when you are faced with a stressor and stimulate your fight or flight response (stress response), your sex hormone hormonal axis shuts down and levels begin to decline. This is because reproducing has a high energy cost and is one of the most optimistic things you can do with your body. When you are in fight or fight mode or under a perceived threat avoiding becoming “someone’s lunch” the last thing you need energy for is procreating!

So the secret to a healthy libido is rest, relaxation and vitality and all this is part of the Smart Cleanse master plan.

My Partner and I have just finished your Detox …. We feel like new people, thank you so much! We both lost 3kgs and feel younger and healthier with more energy – Kate Johnson NSW

I’m three weeks since the start of my cleanse and 6.5 kgs down. My whole approach to food and what I’m putting into my body has changed! Its the kick start I needed. My goal was to lose 10 kg and I’m more than well on the way. Just wanted to thank you for such a great product am planning this being at least a bi-yearly or 3 times a year program so will be in touch. Thanks again.. Natalie Gaul – QLD

Well finished Smart Cleanse on Saturday. I have lost 3 kgs (weight loss being one of the motivators to start this detox),  have more energy, not needing my “nanna naps” and I feel a lot lighter through my digestive system. I am very happy with the weight loss and will still concentrate on loosing 3/4 more kgs but more so  this detox has re-educated me in eating correctly and I intend to continue this way eliminating the nasties or greatly reducing them. Thank you for this product Savannah and I will recommend to my friends – Kathleen Stephenson NSW

Available now online at :  www.smartcleanse.com.au

Savannah Daisley
Naturopath, Founder, Director of Research and Development

July 18, 2015