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Mud, Ballet and getting stuck in my own driveway…

A mothers worst nightmare…being stuck in my own front yard and a screaming girl upset that she may have to miss ballet!

Some people may say we live at the beach, some may say we live on a farm. I’m not sure which one to call it these days but lately I’m feeling like I may aswell live in the bush. I have always said we were lucky to find a house to live in that has such a big yard so close to the beach. Our house is set quite far back from the road and the front yard is kind of ridiculous. Think, no fense at the front and a long yard that is scattered with a chicken coop, homegrown veggie patches, chicken poo everywhere and mud that could possibly come up to your knees. It’s a mess. Yep, we are currently suffering from unloved ‘muddy front yard’ syndrome. You can laugh all you want but its really not good. This ongoing wet weather and us all driving on the grass is killing the yard and on a daily basis I walk with my gum boots on just get to my car thats only a few feet away. And if your unlucky, you don’t actually make it to your car because the mud takes you for a slide and you plunge into it for a bath like a pig. It’s not funny, this is real time.

On a morning that felt good, I was up early, I had actually had a shower, the kids had their brekky and we were dressed, we looked good, it was one of those mornings when you feel like your winning on the whole parenting thing. Snacks were packed and we drove my Mazda down to the service centre to get it serviced. You see, I had been given a brand new Ford Kuga MkII  to play with for 6 whole weeks through the Kidspot voices awards so I only saw it fit that I would put mine in for a service as it was so far out from its service date due to me having complete Mummy overload. We drove my car down, walked back with the kids and got our things ready for ballet. I was proud to have my car finally in for a service and I was proud that we were ready so early to conquer the day.

This was it, it was time to get into this beautiful new car and put it into action. This gorgeous Ford Kuga titanium with full leather interia, huge sun room, and a sound system that makes you feel like your a DJ. We got in, kids in their seats and started the car with the smooth click of the button (so cool!!!)… What I hadn’t taken note of was the fact that I had parked this brand new car right up against the fence the night before, in the slippery mud bath. I didn’t want to move forward or back, I was nervous, this brand new car wasn’t mine and I wasn’t about to run it into the fence. And I had a 4 year old screaming at me telling me how upset she was that she may miss ballet. I screamed, I called a friend, I cried and I then I took a deep breath. With some wise words from my husband I decided to look up some of the amazing features.

Ford Kuga MkII reversing camera in action

I didn’t need the Emergency Assistance feature (which sounds incredible by the way!) but the reversing camera was definitely going to come in handy. This feature is brilliant, I love the fact that the camera shows such a broad view so you don’t miss anything and the car beats when you get close to anything to alert you to slow down or stop. With the assitance of my husband and the reversing camera, we were able to manoeuvre it out of the mud and back onto the driveway where I should of parked it in the first place. It was a lesson learnt not to park off the driveway, it was a way for me to put this Ford Kuga MkII into real action.

We packed up the car again and took ourselves off to little P’s Ballet lesson, we put the inbuilt nav man on, put our favourite songs on loud and sung as loud as we could with the sun roof open. Stepping into the Ford Kuga is kind of like stepping into a time machine, the reversing camera is just the small of it. To be honest, it was a little overwhelming at first with all the features, the more we drive it the more we find out. Think driving handsfree staying at least 3 cars behind the car in front of you and never going outside the lines…well thats a story for another day!

Disclaimer: I have been gifted this car for 6 weeks to road test as part of kidspot voices 2015. All words, comments are my own. x
July 27, 2015