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Real Mum Review: Road testing the Bugaboo Buffalo

Just quietly, when I was pregnant with little P, just over 5 years ago now, all I wanted was a Bugaboo. Yes, call me a little coo coo but I used to dream about this pram. Living in the area I did at the time, I walked a lot and it seemed that everyone I saw had one of these Bugaboo prams attached to them whether they had a baby or not. I don’t know whether it was the universe calling out to me or just that I was so obsessed with babies and researching into baby stuff … But whatever it was, the bugaboo pram stuck right out in front, being seen as the best of the best, the holy grail of prams, it was the “it” pram to have.

Knowing this, you can now understand how excited I have been over the past couple of weeks to have the Bugaboo Buffalo in my hot little hands to road test with my Sunny boy. It’s been a busy couple of weeks and we have had quite the adventure on a daily basis. It being the school holidays, there’s been lots to attend for family fun. It’s been perfect to put this pram to the test and see if it really lives up to its glory.

Our very first adventure was just a stroll into town for some shopping, Sunny loved sitting up nice and tall and the groceries fit into the basket underneath very well. I loved the way it pushed and how easy the brake was to use. 
Later that week, we took a trip to the zoo for an event and it was nice to be able to test how easy the pram would be to put in and out of the car, assemble and get around the zoo with extra baggage. It fit nicely into the boot of the car, taking up a bit of room in the boot but still having room for extra things like scooters, shopping, and day to day bags. I was a little nervous that I may not be able to put the pram up properly or back down again but after watching a quick “how to” video on youtube by Bugaboo, it was simple and I like that you don’t have to disconnect everything to put it away. It was great and I was more impressed than I thought I would be. 
Getting around Taronga Zoo was easy, its slim width makes it easy to get around and the wheels are really good to steer and manoeuvre. We had a great day!

Apart for the normal, day to day mum stuff like ballet lessons, swimming and going to the park, another big outing at the end of last week was into the city to the Australian Wild life Zoo to the launch of the new Wild flight adventure ride. I thought this was a good test for the Bugaboo Buffalo as any trip to the City comes with a whole heaps of added stress; where to park, how to get to where you need to go, getting in and out of small areas, keeping everyone happy, having enough snacks packed, simple things that make mums brains explode a little.

Once we were parked, it was super easy to assemble the pram, click Sunny in and get on our way. I was on time and very relaxed. The Wild life Zoo is an indoor type of experience but it was surprisingly really enjoyable (am I aloud to say that? haha), it was easy to walk the Bugaboo Buffalo up the ramps and around to the different enclosures. I loved that I could keep Sunny clicked into the pram so he couldn’t run away but he could still see everything really well as the seat sits so well upright. I really love that about it.
We finished the day happily, racing back to the car and putting everything away with ease. It has a lot of room to store luggage underneath which is great for big nappy bags and hidden snacks for kids when they start going crazy. And it also have a bag hook above to hang your hand bag.

It’s safe to say I’m sold on the Bugaboo Buffalo and I can highly recommend it to any new mum wanting a pram that can zip around the shops, looks fabulous and great for all terrain.

10 things I love about the Bugaboo Buffalo:
1. It has a very simple design. It goes together a bit like lego, it has a very sturdy frame work and all clicks into place so well. 
2. The upright seat position is great for little people to check out whats going on around them. Unlike some other prams on the market, the Bugaboo Buffalo’s seat sits right up and children are not slumped back in their seat but they can sit upright and have full view out.

3. Its all terrain wheels are great for on and off road. The wheels on the Bugaboo Buffalo are made to go anywhere. I like how you can feel comfortable walking on a path as well as over bumps.

4. Its’ manoeuvrability is great. Running, turning, steering and just plain old walking are simple with the Bugaboo Buffalo. 

5. The width of the pram fits through all door ways and isles. Its a great width that is easy to get through small spaces.

6. Forward facing seat position. I love that you can have the seat facing you as you walk, this is great for smaller babies as you can see what they are up to as you walk. It gives peace of mind to a mum and you can have a chat to you baby as you walk. 

7. The brake. Such a necessity and a simple thing but the brake is so easy to use, it clicks up and down super easy.

8. The extendable hood. The hood comes right down to cover from the sun or give baby more quiet as they sleep. This is great as it means you don’t need any added extra bulky sun covers or alike.

9. The ease of laying your child back to rest. When you get your baby to sleep by strolling along the beach or pacing through the shops we all want those moments to last, the way the Bugaboo Buffalo lays baby back into a sleep position in one fluid movement is a winner. I love this a lot.

10. The style and all round look of the pram. Lets face it, as mums, between the screaming, crying, cooking and fight to get showered once a day, we want to still get out and look like we have things together right? Haha, its not always easy but its nice to have nice things and the Bugaboo Buffalo and is a beautiful pram.

If you would like to read more about the Bugaboo Buffalo go to: https://www.bugaboo.com/AU/en_AU/home
Disclaimer: I was gifted this pram for trial but all words and comments are my own. I am so in love with this pram, I was really excited to share it with you.