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5 Tips For Staying Motivated

Well, what a month its been. I have hardly touched the sides of the Business Diploma I am committed too with Business Mamas and the guilt is setting in. I have every excuse in the book, I’m writing my next upcoming eBook, I have blog posts coming out of my ears, the kids have been sick, I’ve just found out we need to move sooner that we thought and I’m all round overwhelmed. That’s being a mum though right? Life can send you curve balls and you just need to suck it up and get over that fence and keep going, keep striving and keep a smile on your face. I’m excited to do this course but finding it so hard to keep focused with so many other things going on around me. I’m not giving up though, far from it. I’m more motivated than ever, I know I can do this as I know I have a supportive environment around me from the business mamas team and my special business mama angel that keeps checking in to make sure everything ok. 

Here are my 5 tips I have set myself this weekend to get back on track and stay motivated:

1. Keep your goals front and centre, have them hanging in front of your face so they cannot be forgotten. 

2.  Utilise your business angel from business mamas. These lovely ladies are here for a reason to nurture us through the course and keep us at it. 

3. Set specific time slots and days for working on the course per week. Setting these times gives us no excuse to bow out of study. 

4. It’s all about positivity. Keeping the “cant’s” out and the “can’s” in. Kicking out all the negative thoughts and actions about why I can’t do something and just focusing on how I can. Instead of making excuses, just making an action plan to make more time. 

5. Acknowledge your accomplishments. Taking time to take pride and celebrate our wins will have us all wanting to achieve more. Anything that moves us forward to our goals is worth celebrating.

You can take the first step to live happy, work happy, be happy! Contact Business Mamas today and the Business Mamas team will be in touch with more information. 
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August 2, 2015