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Cutting miles…

Wow! What a week, I have done more km’s than I have ever done in the one week but boy have we had fun. Here’s the week in rewind…

Girls weekend – Central coast NSW
Good friends, good food and freedom, what more could any Mumma Bear ask for. A beautiful friend of mine has a holiday house up on the Central coast and a small group of us took the trip up for the weekend to bliss out and eat. Yep, there was lots of good food going around and boy did we eat. haha. Homemade soups, healthy treats, fresh juices and delicious meals from a fun organic cafe down the road with some relaxing yoga and craft sessions in between.. It was a great time to reset our bodies and rid our brains of the everyday chaos.

Staying at mums – Far South Coast NSW
On Sunday Morning, I got in the car and took the 8 hour drive from Avoca to Merimbula on the Far South coast of NSW, by myself. The drive was long but very therapeutic enjoying the quiet in the car as I went.
I met the family at Mums house where they had arrived a few days before. We enjoyed some family time and the loveliness of the area that we love.

Snow Day – Thredbo Resort NSW
As Mums house is so close to Thredbo, Little P and I couldn’t help but take the opportunity to head on up for a snow day. Girls only of course, “No boys aloud” as P would say. We packed up the Ford and travelled the 3 hour drive up to Thredbo where we spent the day cruising the mountain as the sun shined down on us. It was such a beautiful day. The snow was awesome and day was perfect. Princess P had the best teacher at Thredboland and got on the chair lift for the first time, doing a couple of runs with her group. It was so cute to watch and I was such a proud mum. The smile on her face as she laughed and the love of the snow beamed out of her was priceless. I love that I can share with my kids, what was such a big part of my life growing up.

Camping in the new house – Far South Coast NSW
Our house that we own down the coast, has been vacated by our amazing tenants. This is bitter sweet, as it means we start our adventure down their earlier than planned but we leave our friends up in Sydney which is sad.
We were stoked to see that the house has been so well looked after and we decided to set up a bed and camp in the house a few nights. Such fun to be in their and start seeing where our life will be for at least the next couple of years. It’s a really exciting time.

Back to Mona Vale
With the launch of #sugarfreeseptember looming over me and my latest eBook; ‘Healthy whole food Sacks’ ready to go, I had to get in the Ford Kuga again and back to Mona Vale to get on my computer to get the party started. I’m pumped for this years challenge and excited for Breville to be on board to offer such a fun giveaway for all our challengers. If you want to find out more about that, go here.

What a road trip!
Such a huge trip, which felt like around the world, but it felt good driving it in the Ford kuga with all its fancy features and fun loving feel. It’s a safe ride so its so nice to feel at ease as you drive. On the long drive, my favourite feature is definitely the hands-free tailgate. I know your all like “WHAT THE?” yep, you can set the car to stay 3 or 4 or 5 (or whatever the amount of space you want) car spaces behind the car in front. No matter how fast or slow that car is going, you sit nicely behind it with the space you locked in. If they slow down, you slow down. If they speed up, you speed up. Its so cool. I love it, handsfree driving really? haha.