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Our Snow Weekend at Thredbo

We made it!
On our way.

Last weekend, we packed up the Ford Kuga and set off for an adventure to Thredbo. The weather forecast was for snow so we weren’t sure what to expect and how the kids would all go in the cold.
We left at lunch time on Friday and with a few stops on the way; got to Thredbo Village just after dinner time.
We arrived at Kasees Lodge with all our gear and settled in nicely to our own self contained apartment which looked straight out onto the snow fields, it had it’s own kitchen (a whole food mums happiness) and a welcoming fire place in the centre of the lodge for all guests to enjoy.

We knew we had a big weekend so we got to bed early with the excitement to see the kids reactions in seeing snow for the first time in the morning when the sun rose.

seeing snow for the very first time – priceless!

We awoke to our little Sunny jumping up and screaming that there is “SNOW, SNOW” everywhere. The snow was falling on our balcony so gracefully and the kids were filled with happiness, excitement and craziness…they wanted to get out there straight away. We dressed them up warm and they ventured out on the balcony as the snow fell on them and they tried to get it to fall into their mouths. The look on their little faces was priceless, they were just in shock that snow is real, it’s wet and it is cold. It was really cute. Andrew and I kept looking at them, looking at each other and laughing at the happiness they had and were expressing in their own little funny ways. They’d only seen snow on the movie; ‘Frozen’ so they were bursting at the seams to get right outside and start building ‘Olaf’ the snow man.

Snow was falling and we slowly made our way out to explore and get our ski hire. The great thing about Thredbo is that it has everything you need; you can arrive with nothing and hire all your gear including your equipment and snow clothing for your stay, grab your lift passes and your set. There are also great restaurants, bistro’s and cafes in the Village.

I loved staying in the Village as we could pop back to our lodge during the day if the kids were tired or we got too cold. It was great as after we got our ski hire; Andrew took Sunny back for a rest and I could take Pia down to Thredboland.
Thredboland is a kids paradise, princess P was in her absolute element, saying she loved it is an understatement. As a parent it was so nice to know I could drop my daughter off to a great place where she can learn to ski, have fun and make new friends all while I can have some time on the mountain myself.
The kids program is fantastic at Thredbo, the instructors are fabulous with kids and bring out the fun of the snow in a small group environment. Pia, especially loved the train rides around Friday flat, going on the magic carpet on her ski’s and learning to ski all by herself.

Having ride on the snow train
Little P loving Thredboland
Thredboland train
Snow. Freedom. 
settling in for the night in front of the fire place.

With the boys having a rest and P at Thredboland, I was a free agent. I spent the afternoon cruising by myself, getting my feet back on my snowboard and enjoying the quiet time on the beautiful mountain. It was so amazing to feel that freedom of snowboarding again, there were lots of funny falls, laughs to myself and sore legs at the end of each run. Got to love the burn hey? So great to be active doing something that I used to do so much of as a kid.

After a huge day out on the snow, we had dinner in and settled in front of the fireplace at Kasees lodge. Such a blissful atmosphere. Another early night was called for.

Our funny little blue marshmallow. 
The kids on their tiny skis at Thredbo
So proud of this little man on the chair lift for the first time at 2 years old.

Up early, Sunny couldn’t leave the lodge without his ski’s on. “My Sti’s! I Sti! My Sti’s” was on repeat from the little man, “sti’s” meaning ski’s of course. We laughed and laughed all morning as we caught the village bus down to the lifts. Andrew went on his way for a few runs and I played with the kids in front of the bistro at Friday Flat. It was so much fun, we built a snow man and I pulled the kids around on their tiny skis. They looked so cute all rugged up and bursting with happiness. The snow was pumping down and the kids weren’t bothered by the cold but instead, excited to be playing in it and experiencing snow, the real thing.

Andrew took turns of taking the kids up the Friday flat chair lift and skiing down with them between his legs. It was amazing. Sunny was obsessed and would hardly let his sister have a turn. I was so proud of him, seeing his tiny little body huddled up next to Andrew on the chair lift. No fear at all.
Pia spent another afternoon at Thredboland and after a full day of snow, by 4pm we were pooped. It was so simple to return all our ski hire at the bottom of the ski runs. We packed up the Ford kuga and got ready for the trip back to Sydney.

Ready for home.

Wow! It was now that the snow really started cranking, it was falling down heavy as we drove from Thredbo Village to Jindabyne. It was even falling right down to Berridale. It was awesome but we had to drive slowly watching for ice on the road. It was great driving in an AWD as we didn’t need to put chains on in the snow.
As we got out of the mountains and towards Canberra we could put on the adaptive cruise control and lane keeping aid and enjoy the drive. We had never experienced these features before and Andrew got a bit over excited telling me; “You can drive 4 cars behind the one in front, hands free and stay in the lines, watch this!” Hah it really is amazing. It was a great trip back.

We loved the whole Thredbo experience and can’t wait to get back down there. It was so much fun sharing the snow with our children and watching their little faces as they light up and get to be so hands on with something that we grew up with and truly love.

Its snowing…alot!
August 8, 2015