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REAL MUM REVIEW: smarTrike Explorer 5 trikes in 1

Recently my little Mr Sunshine was given a smarTrike Explorer 5 trikes in 1 in grey to road test. It was so fun to see his excitement as we opened the box and even more fun to put it into action. He is in the 24 month + category but we took it for a spin in all stages to see how it all works. We had had a cheaper version of this type of thing for our Princess P when she was smaller but we weren’t that impressed with it as it didn’t steer very well and was an all round pain to use unless it was just to push around the house. When we opened up this smarTrike, we could see the difference in quality straight away, all features function great and it is fun to use for the child and the parent. What is great is that it is an actual stroller that works well but it’s in the form of a trike for the kids so they love playing on it which means more walking for us mums or time out at the shops.

So heres the run down…

A stroller is an essential item for parents, however keeping a baby or toddler happy in a stroller for long periods of time is not always an easy task. Thanks to the leading global manufacturer and distributor of tricycles, the latest innovation from smarTrike® transforms in five different ways, keeping a very active toddler entertained and engaged on the go – unlike standard strollers.
Suitable for children aged 10 – 36 months, the new smarTrike® Explorer 5 trikes in 1 grows with your child throughout the five developmental stages until they are ready to transition into riding a bike or scooter on their own, while still having all the important and practical benefits of a stroller.

Stage 1: Sleeping Mode
The first stage is designed for babies starting from 10 months. The padded seat reclines an impressive 110° for a nap on the go, whilst providing complete support for the weak back and shoulder muscles of infants. The double-layer shock absorbing rubber wheels and built-in suspension ensures little ones can enjoy a peaceful, undisturbed sleep. Pedals of the trike can be folded in to protect the child’s feet and the user can enjoy the stability of foot-rests. Parents have full control of the trike in this mode, with a ground-breaking 360° full swivel front wheel for smooth and easy steering.

Stage 2: Stroller Mode – 10+ months
This mode allows children to be a more active participant in the ride through pedalling and steering, while parents still control direction and movement. However, if necessary, the pedals can be disabled to ensure the child’s feet are protected. The children’s steering handle is isolated from the parents and can be disengaged, meaning children can steer without affecting the overall direction of the trike. The extendable UV canopy enables direct eye contact between mother and child.

Stage 3: Stroller Mode – 18+ months
As your child grows, the trike transitions into training mode and the safety harness can be removed. The foot-rests can be folded in and pedals can be folded out, ready for your child to begin mastering pedalling. The front pedals can be isolated from the front wheel, meaning children can pedal at their own pace without impacting the overall movement of the trike.

Stage 4: Trike Mode – 24+ months
Simply pressing the Navigation button transforms the product from stroller mode to trike mode. During this stage, parents are still in control if needed but the child has greater control of steering and peddling as they grow and gain confidence.

Stage 5: Child Control – 30 – 36 months
In the final stage, the parents steering handle can be removed and the clutch pushed in with the click of a button to from a freestanding independent trike.
The new patented 360° full swivel wheel design and Touch Steering® technology allows parents and children to enjoy the outdoors with a smooth and easy ride in all directions.
Safety features include shock absorbers and rubber wheels, which come with a three year warranty suitable for outdoor use, a safety brake, anti-slip foot pedals and safety harness.

Along with the stylish design, accessories include a washable seat cover, rear storage bag, extended UV canopy, toy phone, bottle holder and more. The click-in technology enables easy assembly in under 10 minutes.

Shavite Kazler, smarTrike Marketing Manager, said the Explorer 5 trikes in 1 should be top of every parent’s shopping list in 2015, as it combines the luxury of a stroller with the important developmental benefits and enjoyment of a trike.
“Motor skills, social skills, imagination and creativity all play a crucial role in optimal growth in the early years.”
“The clever design of smarTrike® engages and challenges children in these crucial areas of learning, providing active play and discovery in order to increase confidence and independence,” said Shavite.

Retailing from $199, the smarTrike® Explorer 5 trikes in 1 is available this May from Target and Toys R Us.
Going on a shopping adventure or walk in the park with your little one is now more fun thanks to smarTrike®.
Visit https://smartrike.com/global/store-locator/australia to view the entire SmarTrike® range of products.

August 21, 2015