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A season for a change.

This past few months has been a whole heap of soul searching for our family. My husband really isn’t happy at work and doesn’t want to live away from us during the week anymore, the more time he spends with the kids, the more time he wants to spend with them. Being the main provider can be a tricky job, you want whats best for your family but when you don’t even get to be with them, it creates the question of WHY?

Why am I in this job? Why am I living away from my family? Why am I not enjoying what I’m doing?

After lots of thinking and discussing we have made the crazy but exciting decision to pack up and take an adventure to the far South Coast of NSW to where we both grew up. We bought a house down there a few years ago and it just seems like the perfect time to leave the Sydney chaos and set up a simple life in our own home on the coast.

We don’t know if it’s forever, we don’t have any big plans, no crazy ideas… just inspiration to be, just us, happy, together as a family.
It’s overwhelming and scary as Andrew will be leaving his great, secure job to explore what an old fishing town has to offer but we have faith that this is the right decision for us, right now, in this moment of our lives. With the kids so little, what else have we got to lose? Nothing but time we’re not together which is what’s happening right now with Andrew in the military. 
It’s exciting because we will be creating memories with our children that we have been so blessed to have in our childhood growing up in such a beautiful part of the world. It’s exciting because our parents will be close by. It’s exciting because it’s a new adventure and a new beginning. 
But it’s really sad too. Sad to leave all our beautiful friends up here; friends that have supported me through some of the hardest times in my life and been there to celebrate some of the most exciting times in my life. Friends that have been my support network for the past 5 years ; my life of motherhood when my husband was not around due to work commitments. This is really sad to know I won’t be catching up with these faces everyday but I hold hope that our friendships stay strong and their will be many holidays and catch ups as our children grow. 
I know that this move is going to be a great one, it’s just getting there that’s the tricky part. With only a few weeks to go, it’s time to get pumped.
Life, sure is a roller coaster ride; I’m just hoping that this one will be a good one! 
Cass x