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Business Mamas – Can I really do this?

Can I really do this?

In between launching an eBook, moving over 600kms away, having no internet line set up at my new house, becoming pregnant, suffering from morning sickness, and being an emotional wreck; I have been thinking about this diploma of business I signed up for with Business Mamas. As it plays in the back of my mind that I just haven’t had enough time to crack into it, I have been asking myself can I really do this? Am I cut out for study as a mum? How do other mums do it? How do I make time?How do I make it happen?

The silly thing is; I know that the first module is all about organising ourselves and time management, it’s about making a plan and focusing on sticking to it. Its about making things possible that you feel are impossible. I have discussed all the things that have come up that have held me back with my business angel; Maree from business Mamas and once I finally have my internet connection set up at home I will be able to crack into it one step at a time.
I think that is the key, taking things step by step and not being overwhelmed by the whole process, accepting that as mums we have everyday life stuff that comes up and can hold us back for a little, I think we just need to surrender to that and not get wrapped up in the fact that at times, we just can’t do it. After all, we are mums first and foremost and everything else has to come second. There are times when we need to push ourselves and their are times when we need to focus on just getting through the day to day mayhem. There is “stuff” in our lives that needs to get done and pushing ourselves to do something at a time that is impossible is not good for our stress levels or our all round health. I’m not saying we need should make excuses for not putting ourselves first, because that is something I would never recommend, I just mean that there are times when we need to give ourselves a break and not put the pressure on ourselves to strike all the goals but the achievement of each day is just as simple as survival. haha. Yes, I mean it. 

I am excited to get back into the course, I am looking forward to kicking those goals, I have confidence that I can. I just need to take it one step at a time and that will happen when I am settled in our new place with full internet access and the head space to get on with it.
Thanks Business Mamas for being there and having the patience to keep me on board. It will happen. I have promised myself!
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