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ROXY #RUNSUPYOGA is hitting Australia’s Manly Beach!

As the Roxy #RUNSUPYOGA event is coming to us in Manly this Saturday, I have been gathering up some girlfriends to join in the girls-only fun of what the event is all about. It’s bringing back the incredible memories from the very first event of this kind in Barcelona, Spain not to long ago that I was so lucky to tag along to with my buddy on our Euro Trip. What an absolutely incredible experience and event to attend and how much fun we had taking part.
I am yet to blog about this part of the trip so thought what better timing than to give you a bit of insight into how great it was and hopefully you can be at the event in Manly on Saturday, its too much fun to miss.
…. Barcelona, where to start?
What a crazy place, staying right near the beach for the Roxy #RUNSUPYOGA event. When we arrived we made our way to the quicksilver shop for Torah to do some media stuff.
Walking along the board walk of the beach is an eye opening event in itself; crazy freezing wind, sun beaming, everyone with their shirts off, people sitting cm’s away from each other, roller blades, bikes and long lines to the toilet. Street stalls, horse and carts, music, cafes, just so much to take in after coming from a pretty much deserted island in Greece, it was a little overwhelming but awesomely cool!
I loved it, I walked slow and took it all in, we could only explain the vibe as a Bondi meets Venice beach feel. Haha. A beach on the edge of the city, hectic but fun!
We had fun first afternoon in the board riders store with some shopping and a cocktail party to finish the night. We tried to get into bed early but when I looked at the clock before I closed my eyes, it was 11pm, we were pooped!
Waking up on Saturday morning meant the big event; the Roxy #RUNSUPYOGA event in Barcelona, Spain and an anniversary celebration for Roxy kicking it for 25 years! Think thousands and thousands of women flooding the esplanade to pick up their registrations, all wearing bright colours, huge grins on their face, great tans and full of inspiration. Everyone was so pumped to hit the sand and get into a morning of Yoga and exercise, together as girls, just having fun being active. What an amazing feeling; to be with thousands of girls on the beach as we did a beautiful yoga class to set us for the day looking over the sea.
After the yoga, most girls got ready to get running, I sat out on this part (no other reason that I’ve decided I’m not a runner, haha). I watched the run from the top of the quicksilver shop, how cool to watch so many motivated and inspired girls running along the foreshore, encouraging each other and crossing the finish line. It was like a sea of people, everyone with a smile that never left their faces.
Straight after the run; over 300 of us got in our wetsuits and Roxy rash shirts and lined up on the beach with the SUP’s provided. A 2km SUP race; really? Was I really going in a 2km SUP race in Barcelona I was asking myself. Am I crazy? I was silently freaking out on the starting line as everyone was laughing and chatting. I haven’t been on a stand up paddle board many times before but the vibe was so laid back and focused on just getting out there and having fun that it put my mind at ease a little. When the officials said GO; I pushed my board into the water, focusing on getting out and standing up the paddle. Focusing also on not falling off and just trying to stay afloat. I just wanted to feel safe situated in the middle of the pack. 
There were so many safety boats around and soooooo many girls that there was nothing to be really worried about at all. Once I allowed myself to realise this, I remember looking up and looking back to the City, The amazing city of Barcelona. I remember thinking, what the? I was 1km out to sea on a SUP IN BARCELONA!!! ARGHHH! this is awesome. I cracked up laughing and just soaked it all in as I paddled, fell in the water a few times, had a laugh with girls passing me or me passing them and just enjoyed every minute on this crazy experience that I never in a million years thought I would have. I can be a woose in the water since becoming a mum so going out to sea on a SUP has never been on my to do list. Haha. But gosh I’m so glad I did it. It was such an invigorating feeling and an achievement emotionally and physically. I didn’t even know I could SUP 2km. What a great feeling to finish.
The afternoon was full of live music on the beach by another inspiring Roxy surfer and ambassador; Justine Mauvin. Torah was there being her beautiful self, taking part in all the events, awarding the prizes and signing autographs. And Bruna Schmitz, another Roxy Surfer was there getting amongst it.

It was one of those days that just feels surreal; so much happiness, love, excitement and fun was being beamed around. Everyone was on a super natural high from the activities and it was such an awesome concept to bring women together just to have fun while being active, no pressure, just pure healthy, innocent fun, because thats what active living is all about right?
Being in Barcelona for the event was such a highlight of our Euro trip so you can understand how excited I am for it to come to Manly, Sydney next weekend, Saturday 24th October. 
The event will be lead by my inspiring friend and olympic gold medalist; Torah Bright and Roxy team surfer; Rosy Hodge.
Yoga will start off the day at 7.45am overlooking the east coast with Roxy girl, Crystal O’Rourke, followed by a 3km run along the beach and then a 1km SUP race with fun prizes on the day and DJ getting all the girls pumped. 
Everyone that signs up will get a Roxy #RUNSUPYOGA pack, including bag, yoga towel, cap, rashy, with snacks supplied by Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars and Organic Avenue Australia.
You can enter all 3 events or just jump in on 1 or 2, it’s totally up you. 

7.45am – YOGA ($5)
9.30am – RUN ($10)
11.30am – SUP RACE ($10)
12.30 – 4.30pm – LEARN TO SUP (1hr $5)

It really is the ultimate girls day full of active fun. Registration is now open, so go to: http://www.roxyaustralia.com.au/runsup-yoga-sydney

For more information and to register, click here