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Pregnancy: The first Trimester – The bloat phase

I’ve been stuck somewhere in between Psycho Sally, sore boobs, happiness and a cyclone. Hormones; I’m full of them and like most women, my body doesn’t react to them in the most pleasant way. You wake up feeling like you were on a bender the night before, every single day, and the seediness creeps in and out all day from a light wave of “I’m still here” to “Stop everything, know body talk or I may just spew on you”… 

There’s lots of cravings, followed by eating followed by lots of wind. It’s not attractive in any way and if someone comes up to you and says “your glowing” you want to shake them and say back; “Really? Do you think it’s the hormonal big pimples or the fluid in my face from eating too much bread that’s giving me that shining, glowing look?”
If you have grasped it by now, I’m not the pregnancy type; you know those gorgeous women that look so perfect with their perfectly round baby belly that pops out from their perfectly cellulite free bodies. They walk with grace, have perfect hair, perfect outfits and look like their lives are perfectly together… This woman is the opposite of me…I love the babies, I love the big kids, I love them teaching our family to love even more but the growing the baby inside me part is not my favourite part. I have no self control, I blow out and I become a cyclone. I don’t think my husband really loves this part either. πŸ˜‰

The bump and the kids at the beach. 

Here’s a few things that have hit me throughout the first trimester:
The exhaustion: I’ve been pretty good in the mornings but by 1pm I’m done, I’d love it if everyone could leave me alone while I crawl up on the couch and sink out to an “adults” show, something that can never happen with 2 little people needing your undivided attention. 
The cravings: Fruit, citrus, fresh juices, dairy, fat, salt, sugar, chocolate, bread and more bread.
The mornings sickness: I eat because I feel sick but then I feel sick because I eat..  What’s the worst evil? The morning sickness waves in and out of my day; a cross between being seen sick and the start of a stomach bug. I never get to the full fetched vomit even though sometimes I wish I did in the help it may make me feel better.
The bloat: For me, the first trimester brings all those terrible cravings as well as a stomach that’s full of bloat and not much baby. It’s the in between phase of β€œhas she just put on weight or is she pregnant?” You feel like you look 6 months pregnant but it’s just the repercussions of carb overloading. And it just feels a bit yuck.

The looking after 2 little kids while brewing a baby: This is probably the hardest part. How you can grow a human and be constantly exhausted but still pick yourself up in the morning to feed, dress and entertain the little people that need you the most. It’s hard and the emotions that go with it that you feel like you can’t do it all is even more exhausting. Mother guilt; it hits you in the head straight on.

A half an hour after we told P she would be a big sister again. She wasn’t happy. First into tears and then fell asleep in my arms. It’s safe to say she’s come around the the idea now, thank goodness! πŸ˜‰

Well, thats the round up of the first 13 weeks of this pregnancy. I’m really excited to be in the second trimester; I’m looking forward to having way more energy, feeling good, people seeing me as actually pregnant, not just round and fat. time is flying and I’m 18 weeks already and getting on with the everyday life stuff without feeling like I need to pick myself up of the floor to do it. Bring on the next 22 weeks and this new babe being out into the world!
November 11, 2015