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Dad, 11 years has passed and you still flood our memories. I still remember the morning that you said good bye to earth like it was yesterday, it wasn’t a good one for us but I know it was time. Those weeks before weren’t nice for anyone, they were hard for everyone involved. You were a trooper though, you tried and you didn’t give up. You always said you would live a full, happy life and you would never be an old man. “Old” would never suit you. You were right, you weren’t ever meant to be old on this earth, you were never going to become frail and needy. You came on earth to rock it, enjoy it, love it, and leave with a bang. Just like any hugely loved guy would want to be remembered. 
As a dad, you filled our hearts with love and pride daily. You always gave us compliments and encouragement, you built us up and told us we were amazing.
How lucky we were to of had you in our lives. I had just turned 18 and my sister only 10 years old; It was never going to be long enough and our hearts have ached since you’ve been gone but we know you are always with us in our hearts.
I never quite understand why people make a big deal of their loved ones lost on the anniversary of their death, it’s never a happy day, wouldn’t we rather celebrate their birthday or a day that we all enjoyed. I know you’d agree.
Today, we will remember you Dad, just like any other day but we will swim in the ocean, like we always do on this day, because we believe that’s a true part of you. Xxx
 #weMissYouDad #longboarder #surfingLegend ✌🏼️