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New year, make a healthy choice for your body

This post is supported by FRANKiE4 Footwear

With all the buzz of the New Year and making new healthy choices, it’s all hype and focus on food and fitness; detox, eat clean, go to gym, get healthy. It is what our body needs to function well from the inside, these things also help emotionally but what about the everyday choices we make with how we support our bodies physically?

Pregnancy really brings these questions up as our body grows; we look for ways to keep ourselves as comfortable as possible. At this phase of our lives, we are looking for support in all different areas that we hadn’t thought of previously when running around without that huge bowling ball weighing down our mid section. Everything shifts out in the most attractive ways, hips widen, boobs explode and feet broaden. It’s a fun time in our lives, you know, growing another human! Ughhhhh…

Currently entering the third trimester myself, as we enter the new year, I’m experiencing all that fun stuff first hand, my hips are beginning to ache, my back is not at it’s prime and having a extra wide feet already, they just seem to melt out over the floor as I walk. One thing I am focusing on this New Year, is making healthy choices for my feet, wearing shoes that are supportive in every way to, in turn, support my ever growing and expanding body. If we start from the ground up, our arches are supported, which look after our ankles, which look after our knees, up to our hips and so on. Being pregnant in Summer time definitely gives you that urge to live bare foot or in thongs, this is really not good for our bodies. Believe me, I’ve done it twice before, your feet swell, your legs ache, your hips live uncomfortably and they just don’t look very nice. 
If you are yet to hear about Frankie4 Footwear already, let me open you up to a whole new world of good looking, supportive and comfortable footwear that your body will thank you for. They have a range of beautiful shoes that are created by a podiatrist and physiotherapist with health, support and fashion in mind. They offer a range of shoes from beautiful dainty sandals to high heals and closed in sport luxe style. They are a true revolution in footwear. 
My absolute favourite part about Frankie4 shoes is that they fit my feet and they feel good. They are so supportive and comfortable yet look lovely with anything. It’s safe to say that I am a huge fan as I have been living in Frankie4 Footwear for over a year now, from work, to play, to heading out the beach, they have been my besties. Here are some shots of their latest range; with me, and my big tum. 
THE JENNI – Lasting comfort and support

THE LAUREN – Relaxed 
THE JAMiE (last season but coming back in some new colours in March) – Beachy Bohemian

I highly recommend having a look at the FRANKiE4 Footwear website to browse their latest range and learn more about shoes for good health this new year. 
Remember that we need to look after our bodies first and foremost so they can look after us. 
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January 20, 2016