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REAL MUM REVIEW: BRIO Travel Switching Set from childsmart brands

Well, it’s safe to say that the kids LOVE a toy review and what honest little reviewers they are. Their faces tell a thousand words and they will tell you just how it is, no funny business.

The BRIO Travel Switching Set is a Multilevel train track with a blue line train and a red line train. You can turn crank on the lift to move the passengers from one platform to the other. It comes with three posable figures, suitcase, warning signal, and bridge included.

When we opened the box of the BRIO Train travel switching set, both my children; Miss 5 years and Mr 2, faces lit up. They were eager to help open every piece and set up the track. As we opened the little trains and people, the excitement grew. The magnetic linking of the trains was a huge hit and the double story track was “just so cool”; honestly yelled out by Miss 5. It was super easy to put together and once it was up, we had 2 hours of play time. YES, 2 full hours of siblings playing TOGETHER, totally besotted with this new toy, the BRIO travel switching train set. I won’t lie; we had a couple of disagreements over which pieces each of them would be playing with as they both wanted to be in charge as they were both so in love with it. Not a bad complaint to have as a mum.

The wooden look of the track is beautiful and the pieces fit together very neatly, they are easy to interchange and the bridge is a great addition, we hadn’t seen anything like it before. The train station on the upper level is awesome, the kids loved taking turns of boarding the trains with their little people and the lift up to the train station is great, it works super smooth and it’s fun. Both children absolutely loved how the little people could actually sit in the trains and how the trains roof lifts up of each carriage to put them in, the little people changed seats a lot, let me tell you. They loved it.

5 things we LOVE about the BRIO Travel switching set:

– The little people
– The magnetic trains that seat the little people.
– the double story track = very cool!
– The interchangeable track pieces.
– The easy change of direction corner track pieces.

What we didn’t love:
– The kids fighting over the play pieces. Haha. So Nothing! This toy is a huge hit!

All is all, we give the BRIO Travel switching set a hug tick of approval. It’s a great toy for both my children and I believe it would suit a very broad range in age as you can add pieces from the BRIO range as you wish and create your own track formations and little cities for different imaginative adventures. I highly recommend.

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