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5 Things to look out for when choosing a ‘Healthy’ Snack

5 Things to look out for when choosing a ‘Healthy’ Snack

GUEST POST By Nutritionist and Dietician, Belinda Reynolds

1. Think about what you are eating… don’t just give into cravings

Sometimes it is all too easy to give into cravings but if you think about what you are eating, you can often find a healthy snack alternative that will be just as satisfying. For example, if you are craving potato chips try roasted chickpeas, zucchini chips or kale chips.

 2. Choose Small healthy snacks

Some people eat large enough snacks that they could be a meal. Try to keep quick small options on hand that you can easily grab if you’re really hungry and tempted to eat the wrong thing. For example:

– A small handful of raw almonds
– A small cup of natural yoghurt with berries
– A few wholegrain crackers with avocado
– Carrot sticks with hummus
– A boiled egg

 3. Snack on superfoods 

Superfoods get their name due to the fact they are high in nutrients. These are a great way to boost the nutrition in your diet, and can represent a great snack. Kale, maca and cacao are some well-known and currently popular superfoods, whilst the humble apple, avocado and blueberries all also represent great choices. If you are looking to snack on some superfoods, IsoWhey Wholefoods Superfood Snacks, which are a healthy but tasty option.

 4. Watch out for hidden sugar

Some pre-made snacks that you can buy are overly processed and contain hidden sugars. You may think that a snack like yoghurt with granola is healthy but often these ready-made yoghurt options contain lots of sugar. Make sure that you buy plain, full-fat, non-flavoured Greek yoghurt to avoid this. 

5. Remember not to snack too much

Some individuals can mis-interpret the message around “5 small meals a day”, and eat too much too often. Generally you shouldn’t be eating more regularly than every 3 hours, and you should avoid snacking out of boredom or habit. You will find that if you snack out of boredom you will be left feeling unsatisfied and also add to your calorie count. Instead choose a healthy snack that is high in protein and fibre and plan to eat it between your large meals.