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Pregnancy: The second trimester round up – Where has this cluck come from?

As you turn around in my tummy, I take time out from the chaos, I wonder…who you are and what your going to be. Are you going to be a boisterous boy or a gentle girl, a tom boy, a ballerina or a book worm? Are you going to look up to your sister, get taken a drift by your crazy brother? Are you going to bring more mayhem, more love? Are we going to survive this crazy ride as a soon to be family of 5? Are you going to be our last baby?

I sit and wonder; as my hips are aching and my back is sore. I sit and look at our family as it is right now, at peace with each other and in love and I ponder at the thoughts of what is to come, the cyclone that you may create, the sleepless nights that you will bring on us, and the stress that may put on our relationship.

The second trimester of this pregnancy has been nice; amongst the daily chaos of our normal, I’ve been able to settle into just ‘being’ and enjoying bits that I may not have taken the time to enjoy before. Moving to the South coast has definitely slowed me down and given me time to love this part of the journey.

Here’s a few things that have hit me throughout the Second trimester:

The exhaustion: I am tired but I’ve found energy to work and look after my little people. I really don’t deal with tired very well, it turns me into a ferocious monster but this semester has been ok and I think I have coped quite well.

The cravings: PIZZA! Well, anything that resembles bread and is covered in cheese, yep anything like that I’m really great at shoving in my face. My body is definitely not loving the weight gain from my gluten and dairy binges though.

The mornings sickness: Gone by week 15. WOO!

The bloat: It’s a vicious cycle; I eat bread, I get bloated… its the name of the game.

The working and looking after 2 little kids while brewing a baby: We’re surviving…that is all.

New things

Baby flutters and kicks: All the movement started building up by 20 weeks, the daily flutters and little kicks are great to put this momma at ease that everything is going ok and baby is happy!

Nurturing myself: This pregnancy, I’m trying to give myself more time to look after myself emotionally and physically. Weekly yoga with my buddy Rikai has been a must throughout this trimester and I’ve even been lucky enough to have a couple of facial’s with my star beauty therapist friend; Chloe at Tranquil Beauty.

Supplements I’m taking:
– Bioceuticals pregnancy probiotic
– Folate
– magnesium
– Pregnancy multi vitamin
– Nordic Naturals pregnancy fish oils

Where I’m hurting: I just don’t remember my body hurting in these ways with my first 2 pregnancies. It’s like your muscles are strong first time around, and even the second, to hold you up in the way we are designed to be, full of energy. Third time around, my lower back is beginning to hurt, my hips are getting achy and I’m getting some nice pain that goes down my groin. The kind of pain that reminds you that you really are carrying a watermelon in between your legs. It’s just aggravating when your in the same position for a long time. The muscles just aren’t as good this time around.
I’ve also been lucky enough to get some varicose veins on the top of my thighs this time, oh the joys hey!

Body support:
I’m loving the fertile mind belly band and also SRC pregnancy compression leggings. They have been my saving grace. Although it is the middle of summer, I have been trying to wear the leggings while I do exercise as well as first thing in the morning and late afternoon when my back and hips are really setting into that aching feeling. They are so supportive, I love them!

Choosing where we will have the baby: 
The scary part right, getting the baby out. Well, after quite a bit of thought and chatting with GP about my previous births, we have decided to go back to my doctor in Sydney who delivered our little boy in the same private hospital. She really was an amazing support and so knowledgable. It is a great feeling to know we are being looked after by a doctor that also knows my full history and especially my previous pregnancy history. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be all ‘ooh ahh’ into home birthing and have the confidence that my baby will come into this world blissfully but reality is that it’s not for everyone and I haven’t had any fully “natural” births yet, I had an induction at 42 weeks with my first and a scheduled c-section for my second due to full placenta previa. Believe me when I say I tried for natural births, I did everything I knew possible to try to get my first to send me into labour and I also tried everything in the book to move my placenta out of the way so I could push my second out. Unfortunately going all hippy on birthing is not a good option for me as I want the support of western medicine in a big hospital with lots of resources at hand as I attempt a VBAC. As my holistic GP said; its your third baby, you need to do things properly, it’s not all about you, it’s about your family too. So for me, I am going in with faith that I can have a VBAC and I have the right support for me to do so. I am doing my research and also keeping an open mind to the whole process. I want a safe delivery and healthy baby, thats my priority right now. Its a nice feeling, I’m really excited for the baby moon and whats to come!

February 29, 2016