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Q & A with Tarnya Cook – Business Mamas ambassador (Part 2)

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of sitting down with Tarnya Cook and we picked her brain about all things business. You can see the first half of the interview here.
To re-cap; Tarnya Cook is the Business Mamas Ambassador, she is passionate about helping mums find their niche in the world after kids and her role with Business Mamas is the perfect match.
Tarnya has worked for major corporates and in the public sector. After having her two children Tarnya started a kids clothing business whilst her children were still babies, this venture lead to a journey that taught Tarnya so many new learnings on starting, running and growing a business and lead to a path of self-discovery and lifelong learning. After a brief stint back in the corporate world Tarnya soon realised the long commutes and 9 – 5 grind wasn’t easy for a mum and she looked for another way to fulfil her passions and still have flexibility around her family. Tarnya began to run a networking group for women where she really began to understand her passion for helping women in business and helping them connect with others.  She also began to run an online magazine especially for women in business.

This journey of working and helping women in business led Tarnya to her current role with Business Mamas which enables her to really help many mums pursue their own passions.  Using her own experiences in business and personal development she can help guide you to find your niche in business or grow your current business.

Tarnya is able to provide a one to one personal coaching experience where you can explore your opportunities together and put a plan in place to achieve some of those goals using the Business Mamas educational hub to do so.

Business Mamas believes that women can ‘have it all’ – balancing their work life with their family life. Our Diploma of Business course provides a flexible training environment, working with Mums step-by-step to launch or grow their businesses.

We had a moment to sit down with Tarnya to ask her all those juicy questions that us aspiring business mums would love to know. Enjoy.

  • Please provide 2 examples of Business Mamas that have really inspired/impressed you. (name, business, key achievement)

Our CEO Macala Squire is definitely on this list, her vision to create Business Mamas and provide Mamas out there with an amazing tool such as our Diploma of Business in definitely inspiring, so much so it made me align myself directly with the organisation.
The other would be my amazing friend Genine Howard from Littleone Magazine who had a dream to own her own magazine on the newsstands and actually made it happen. She also helped me in my journey of inspiring women to live their dreams.

  • What are your best time management tips to other mums who want to efficiently manage business and family

It’s not always easy to find the balance in these two but start from the end. Work out how you want your life to look and then work backwards to achieve this, we all too often just jump in and end up with a business that’s too big or too small because we didn’t work out how we wanted our life to look in the first place.

  • What are the most important skills you need to run a business

Skills can be learnt so a willingness to learn what you don’t know and seek help is probably the most important thing.

  • What advice would you give to a mum who has an idea for a business – what basic steps does she need to take to make it a reality

Again seeking help and learning are imperative to turning your ideas into a reality. Take action and find the resources you need to help you make the right moves.

  • How does having business skills, such as those taught in the Business Mamas course, help?

The Business Mamas course will teach you the skills that you need to set up a structurally sound business framework and develop your ideas or grow your existing business. And just as importantly will help implement those skills into your business as you go. This means you are always working on your business throughout the course.

  • Finish this sentence: “in 5 years from now Business Mamas….

will have helped thousands of Mums achieve their business success and be living the lives of their dreams ”

Reader Offer

Exclusively for our readers, Tarnya is available for a 30 minute complimentary phone consultation to chat about your business goals, brainstorm opportunities and what steps you can take to bring them to life.  To lock in a time with Tarnya, email [email protected]

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