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5 changes that helped me drop weight, tone up and live healthier

5 changes that helped me drop weight, tone up and live healthier

After my second daughter I hit over 100kgs. I stopped weighing myself because I did not want to know. My body ached, I couldn’t run or play with my kids and my self-esteem plummeted. I unhealthy, unhappy and no longer loved myself. My self-esteem is no longer so intricately entwined with my weight. My weight fluctuates, however my health and how I feel about myself has improved drastically. I am fitter, healthier, toned and much happier.  
How did I drop weight, tone up and create a healthy lifestyle? 
Firstly, as I mentioned in this post, I had major health scares last year causing me to change my lifestyle. I had already dropped some weight since having children and was trying to live a healthier lifestyle, but it didn’t have a significant impact until I got serious. 
1.) Changed my eating habits
I was introduced to the 4 hour body, by Tim Ferriss last year and I love it. It is a slow carb diet with a cheat day once a week. I don’t stick to it religiously, however it combined with a paleo/fresh healthy eating plan has made a huge difference. Changing how I eat, experimenting with favourite recipes of mine to make them slow carb and healthier as part of an overall approach to my lifestyle instead of viewing it as a diet made a big impact. 
A diet is typically counting calories or depriving yourself for a limited period of time. I don’t want to go back to how I was eating so none of my changes have been classed as a diet. That change in how I spoke about what I was eating make a difference. We underestimate the effect our thoughts and words have on our actions. Change your eating habits to be healthy. Don’t diet.

On top of this, I switched a few things around and have made sure I always have healthy snacks and food ready.Items like pouches from Sinchies make it easy to shakes, yoghurt, dips and all sorts of food I like on the go. They save me money, are reusable and environmentally friendly as well as healthy. I have a few friends into body building who use these pouches for pure vegetable smoothies as well. Synchs have 20% off if you use the code OE20 when checking out.

2.) Increased exercise
This has been a slow process, recovering from my back injury. I started small and have been working my way up to rowing, running and exercises I have loved for a long time.

If you can’t do much exercise kettle bell swings are great, swimming is a gentle all over exercise as is yoga. Alternatively, check out free classes in your area and give different types of exercise a go. 

3.) Used my health insurance
See what you are covered for with your policy and use it. Some include gym memberships and food plans, dietician visits and more if you meet certain criteria. Get regular dental check ups, massage, chiro, use a naturopath and take a holistic approach to your health. You might be surprised to see what extras are included and how much you can get back. If you don’t have these options and want to start using them, a good idea is to use a service like Compare The Market to assess your options and get the best one for you.

Using my health insurance for preventative health instead of only when I need help ensures I am fitter and stronger for longer.

4.) Sleep
Sleep is heavily underrated. We get accustomed to not sleeping when we are pregnant, even more once baby arrives. We stay up late finishing the cleaning/the costume for book week/cupcakes for the birthday party. Sleep deprivation is exceedingly common, and yet we cannot function this way. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture and is a tactic used in some circumstances by certain governments to get information.
Once you are in the cycle of late nights and no sleep it can be hard to break it and get into a good sleeping habit. Try things like a warm bath, chamomile tea, no electronics for 2 hours before bed, read a book, meditate or anything that will relax you before bed. When you have gotten into bed you could try some deep breath techniques or guided meditation to drift off. 
During sleep your body recovers, heals and cells renew. Without sleep you are waging yourself and not giving your body the time it needs to recoup.

I know this can be easier said than done, especially with young kids. If you can afford it get a babysitter occasionally so you can have a rest or have someone come in and clean so you can nap when baby naps instead of trying to keep up with housework.

5.) Drink more
Water cleanses the body, aids blood flow, cognitive abilities and assists in digestion. Most of us are not drinking enough water. We are dehydrated, yet think we are hungry. Aim for 2L to 3L of water a day. Drink a big glass before breakfast to get you started. Carry a drink bottle with you everywhere you go and sip from it when you can. 
Keep track of how much water you drink. When you first increase your water consumption you will need to go to the bathroom a lot, but your body will adjust. 
What tips do you have for dropping weight, toning up and being healthier?

About Kylie Travers:
Kylie Travers is CEO of Occasio Enterprises, a writer, author, speaker and loves helping people create a life they love. She has overcome domestic violence, homelessness and many health issues to now have a life she loves, working around her kids, travelling and marking things off her bucket list. You can find out more about her at www.kylietravers.com.au or follow her on social media – Facebooktwitter and Instagram

NOTE: I was not compensated by Compare The Market for my opinions, everything here is my true and honest thoughts. However, the site owner has been paid to be in a campaign for them.