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Blitz Nitz with Euky Bear! (GIVEAWAY INCLUDED)

Today was one of those good days, a day when you feel like you are Mum-ing real good. I got up, got my kids breakfast and fed them, packed lunches, got to school on time and got out playing with the little ones. The day was nice and we got back to school in time for bell and little Miss P was beaming with excitement as we arrived at the gate. We got in the car and got home. Then we unpacked the school bag; just the normal stuff like dirty lunch box, a bit of craft and a school note. I sat down to read the school note and then it hit me… This was not ANY school note, this wasn’t an exciting event coming up, this was one of those notes that a parent never wants to receive, a note that makes your skin curl and your head itch. A note that, I quote, said; “there seems to be signs that some students in class KV have head lice.”
The memories started flashing back of my little sisters constant nit infestation and the way my mum used to have to pull her hair through with a tiny come every night as my sister cried and my mum screamed with frustration; WHY WON’T THEY EVER GO AWAY?”
It was a constant battle of the nits and she seemed to find a new one in her hair, which felt like, at least every day. It wasn’t a fun time and being a lot older, I seemed to by-pass them only ever finding one in my hair. The thought of these little creatures infesting my own children’s heads and our house was enough to freak me out and take action. The thought of constantly washing bed linen, clothing, hats, toys and accessories just to get these little buggers out wasn’t good in the lead up to having a new baby. I just don’t want that extra work. 
So first step in this, avoiding nits all together, solution was to look for the culprits. We had to search the hair and find a solution. 
Another thing about getting rid of nits is the chemicals that are in a lot of the head lice products, they smell so toxic and mustn’t be good for little people’s hair and scalp, especially if they need to do the treatment more than once. 
I went searching for a more natural treatment and was very excited to be introduced to Blitz Nits as it is both natural and clinically proven, this isn’t the case with some other brands.
They have some amazing products including the two newest treatment alternatives to the range including Blitz Nitz Mousse and Blitz Nitz Spray & Go.
I knew it would be easy to blitz nits on our big girl as she can sit still for longer than five minutes but the thought of her passing them onto our Mr 2 that can’t do much but run wild was really freaking me out. If he were to get them, just how would we get them gone?
We decided to check the kids heads and use the product, Blitz Nitz Solution (with its new & improved formula), just to be safe, we didn’t want to miss any and this product is known as being the fastest acting head lice treatment on the market – only taking 5 minutes. This is great for a little boy too, with long hair as he can’t sit still for very long at all. Made with only natural ingredients, I could be rest assured that I wasn’t burning the scalp of my little ones precious heads and the beautiful smell of eucalyptus oil, lemon eucalyptus, tea tree oil are so fresh, and natural fragrances the children actually love.
During the treatment phase of 5 minutes, I could set up my iPhone with the free app from Blitz nits with the fun, 5-minute Euky Bear Blitz Nitz game that can be downloaded. My kids don’t get to use my phone often so this was a real treat for them which made them sit there so perfectly as I got through their hair. Such a winner.
After this I would wash all the linen and be rest assured that we are nit free for the time being. We also know now that there is a range of Blitz Nitz Detective (a comb-through conditioner), and Blitz Nitz Shampoo, which can be used as part of a ‘total treatment plan’ which can be used after the main treatment to keep those little critters away. 
Boom! Nits be gone! I highly recommend checking out the Blitz Nitz range here: www.blitznitz.com.au

We have 5 packs of the Blitz nits product to giveaway to 5 lucky readers. All you need to do is enter through the rafflecopter app below. Good luck!

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