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Our little Hippy Chick

When life all seems like it can’t get anymore perfect, a little curve ball needs to be thrown into the mix to give us a bit of excitement… It wasn’t the excitement we would of hoped for but that’s just how life goes right?

At one day old, we were told by the paediatrician that our perfect little bubba seemed to have a clicky hip but it was nothing to worry about too much and that he would come back again in 2 days to check again.  2 days later, her little hip seemed to be still clunking around and the doctor recommended that we get an ultrasound in 2 weeks time and be prepared that she may need to see an orthopaedic surgeon and be fitted with a brace. He said NO to using certain baby carriers that let the legs hang down and instructed us to only wrap her very loosely around the hips and legs.

Doctor said we would see him after the ultrasound but things could just sort themselves out in the coming couple of weeks,  it’s just best to get onto these things early. In my true great denial style, I brushed it under the carpet believing that at the ultrasound things would come back clear and we would be on our merry way back home that afternoon not having to worry any further.

So at 3 weeks old, I took the trip back to Sydney to see all the important people; after a hip ultrasound and an appointment with an orthopaedic surgion, it was confirmed that our little one definitely had a dislocateable hip and should be fitted with the pavlick harness as soon as possible. We will have weekly and fortnightly check ups with an orthodist and physio, then in four weeks time, see the surgean again with another ultrasound to check if the harness is doing what it’s supposed to do and if it is, it will stay on and if it isn’t, we will have to discuss surgery (my biggest fear for any baby or child).
That night came and I gave little miss a nice long bath, emotions flooded in an out that this would be the last bath she would be having for a while. We saw the paediatrician the next morning and he weighed her and took her height down, telling me how well she is progressing, he gave me reassurance that we were in the right hands and that we must just do every right and things will be perfect long term. Once again, told this wasn’t just a mild case and could take a while. Off to the hospital we then went to get the brace fitted with a short lesson on what not to do, how to hold her, how not to hold her, issues to look out for, etc. Wow, how emotional it all became then, watching them fit the full body harness on my fresh little girl was when I seemed to fall apart, knowing how her little life would be changing for a while. Though, what a trooper she is, not caring, not being phased by them pulling her around, such a legend, I am proud.

Then back on the road we went, home again, home again. She slept, content and happy as ever.. I cried because I did what mums do best…worry!

I know this isn’t uncommon and people keep reassuring me that it’s an easy fix.
But I’m not worried about the result, we know it’s all going to be ok…she is going to be fine. She is fine. But it’s the process; the process wont be fun and may be long. There won’t be any bath time, cuddles aren’t easy, holding her is awkward, breast feeding is a different ball game, dressing and changing nappies is harder and driving long distances is not recommended. It just makes life right now a little tricky and with 2 other bouncing kids that need my attention, it is all very overwhelming and let’s face it, it’s just sad looking at your fresh new little baby all braced up and restricted. It’s not something you want them to have to go through, you want them to be able to snuggle up and stretch out as they wish.

So for now, we are learning but we are ok and she is ok. Actually, she is awesome, going along for the ride.

We’ll keep you updated on the process. If anyone has any tips to share with us to help us along with the process or experiences, I would love to hear from you.

Cass x