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REAL MUM REVIEW: Britax Safe-n-Sound Encore 10 BOOSTER SEAT

Now we’re a crazy family of 5, it’s hard to fit everything in the car, even the children. We have a reasonably sized SUV but when we are all in the car, it feels like we are jam packed into a dodgem car. I was actually really nervous that 3 car seats would even fit across the back seat as I knew it would be super tight. As much as we would love a bigger car upgrade, it’s just not in the budget right now so I was on the hunt for slim line car seats that would fit well and comfortably in our car. Our biggest girl is now 5 so she is well and truly ready for a booster seat. I found that alot of the booster seats out there are quite wide at the bottom so it’s hard for the child to strap themselves in, especially when they have to slip their hand in between another car seat. As a new mum of three, I need easy. I want my biggest to be able to strap herself in so I only need to help out the littler ones. 
This led me to being introduced to the Britax Safe-n-Sound Encore 10  BOOSTER, the first time I saw it was actually in another friends car and the look of the base being quite alot slimmer led me in. As well, of course, all the safety features that I hadn’t ever seen before. It looked quite forward in technology. 

When we first installed the Britax Safe-n-Sound Encore 10  BOOSTER, I could tell it would be a winner, it fit really well in our car in between the other car seats and it was really easy for my daughter to strap herself in. We love it! Along with all the amazing safety features, it looks super sleek. My husband and I love how easy it is to install and how safe it is for our daughter. Princess P (Miss 5) loves the head rest and the inbuilt sound system, she thinks that is “really cool”. 

ABOUT THE The Britax Safe-n-Sound Encore 10 booster seat 
It is suitable for children approx. 4 years to 10 years of age. Your child can use the Encore 10™ once their shoulder’s are on or in-line with the Lower Shoulder Height Marker with the headrest in the lowest position. If below the Lower Shoulder Height Marker your child is too small for the Encore 10™ and should remain in a restraint with an in-built harness.
Your child can continue to use the Encore 10™ until their shoulder’s reach the Upper Shoulder Height Marker with the headrest fully raised. The Upper Shoulder Height Marker position represents 95% of 10 year old children and in fact it will accommodate up to 50% of 12 year olds.
This maximises head protection by dramatically reducing side impact forces. As the cushion compresses it dispels air at a controlled rate, and this results in the cushion absorbing the crash energy. Head accelerations experienced by your child in an Encore 10™ are lower and dispersed over a longer period of time.

Expandable Side Wings
Children can fall asleep and slump. The Expandable Side Wings deliver lateral support ensuring your child’s body is sitting upright, providing a safer seat belt t. When expanded they provide 100mm extra space.

Extendable Seat provides a larger, more comfortable, seating area as your child grows. Extends a further 70mm in length. The padded seat includes a cushion top layer for extra comfort.

Expandable Booster Seat with 9 height adjustments.

SLIDEGUARD™ Encore 10™ features the exclusive Safe-n-Sound SLIDEGUARD™ Clip. The SLIDEGUARD™ Clip is a life saving device that prevents your child from sliding under the lap-belt (submarining) during impact, thus minimising the risk of abdominal injury.

Built-in sash guide which correctly positions the seat belt across your child’s chest and shoulder.

The Encore 10™cover includes an additional energy absorbing EVA layer to reduce impact forces.

Slim-line base design for easy access to the seat belt buckles

Speakers in the headrest for audio pleasure.

Secured with a Tether Strap to the Vehicle Anchor Point to provide superior stability in a car.

Protecta PLUS™ Harness compatible – A Child Harness is suggested for use to improve upper torso support.

A detachable Cup Holder that can be tted to either side of the seat.
For more info go to: 
1300 303 330
I can highly recommend this product for any family that needs a booster seat for their child. It is the best I have seen on the market and truly has safety and usability in mind. We love our Britax Safe-n-Sound Encore 10  BOOSTER SEAT!

Please note: I was gifted this Booster seat for review BUT all words are genuine and honest. We love this seat so much we wanted to share it with you.