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REAL MUM REVIEW: Microsoft Band

Now that our little babe is 6 weeks old its time to get this big butt moving and hopefully in turn shifting this baby weight. It’s about that time after you have your baby when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and realise that you still have a long way to go before your back feeling great in your “own” body again. Exercise has always been my way of sanity too, it releases such good endorphins that give you that boost which gets your through each day as well as keeps you motivated to do more. 

I have always lost the baby weight in time after my first children but it’s always taken a while and I have always seemed to put pressure on myself so this time I want to do things a bit differently. I just don’t want to stress, I don’t want to make myself sad about NOT losing the weight quickly or put a stupid amount of pressure about it not happening fast. I want to enjoy my baby, I want to enjoy my other kids and I want to just all round enjoy this time of of being a mum. I want to feel encouraged, I don’t want to put crazy amounts of pressure on myself to do impossible workout schedules, I just want to be active in every day living and feel good about it. 

My goal is eating less and moving more, pretty simple right? Starting with simple achievements like reaching a certain amount of steps per day, walking, lots of walking. Building up to fun, active games and building core strength to heal my post baby body and then slowly build up to workouts to bring me up to my peak over time, theres lots of time. I do want to get there, but I want to do it stress free. 

Recently I have been introduced to the Microsoft Band, which is really helping me with this. I highly recommend it for any mum, it’s simply a smart band created to enable you to live healthier and achieve more. Microsoft Band tracks your heart rate, exercise, calorie burn and sleep quality. I love that it counts your steps and even when you feel like you haven’t done much over the day you get encouraged by the number of steps you may have taken so far and it helps you to stay motivated to move more, thinking I want to get to a certain amount of steps by the end of the day. It’s great. What’s more and a very cool thing about it, is that it provides notifications about your emails, texts and calendar alerts so you don’t have to be glued to your phone. I love this part as sometimes I feel like I’m checking my phone all day long and its not a good look for any child to be watching them mum watching a screen all the time. I am working super hard to distance myself from the phone when I’m in mum mode so its nice to get a quick notification on a watch. 

When I’m ready to build up to a bigger fitness regime, it has advanced sensors track data specific to running, biking and golfing, and technology from Microsoft Health gives you actionable insights based on your data. Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health let you share your activity data with your favorite fitness apps, and give you access to experiences developed with premier sports and lifestyle brands. 
Just quietly, my husband and I have been secretly fighting over who will wear it each day, he is loving it for the fitness aspect as well as the email and text notifications. He’s been running full workouts through it and loves documenting his progress. The text and email notifications are hard not to love right? The amount of times he looks over at me while he’s wearing it and says; “look, look, a text just came through”. Haha it’s pretty mind blowing, it’s just so cool, we love it! 

Top Features and Benefits
  • Live healthier. Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health help you live healthier by tracking your heart rate, exercise, calorie burn and sleep quality. Microsoft Health is available as a universal Windows app, a dedicated app for iOS and Android devices, and via a Web Dashboard, enabling people to set wellness goals and receive actionable insights.
  • Get fit. Reach your fitness goals with Guided Workouts and custom tracking whether running, biking or golfing. Your perfect workout companion, Microsoft Band not only tracks speed and distance with a built-in GPS but even elevation gains with its built-in barometer.
  • Be productive. Stay connected at a glance with the notifications that matter most to you right on your wrist. Easily check email previews, calendar alerts, calls or text messages, and view social updates. Stay organised with personal reminders you can set with your voice using Cortana.
  • Advanced technology. Microsoft Band’s curved screen makes it comfortable to wear. The vibrant, full-color AMOLED display is bright and easy to read, and is protected with durable Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3. Its 11 advanced sensors track your daily activity, exercise and sleep quality. And with built-in GPS, you aren’t tethered to a phone to track your data — it’s stored in the device itself then uploaded to Microsoft Health once Bluetooth® kicks in. 
The Microsoft Band retails for $379.99 and is available in Australia at the Microsoft Flagship Store in Sydney, JBHIFI, Harvey Norman, select Rebel Sport stores and online as well as Microsoftstore.com.

I highly recommend checking this new smart watch out. For more information about Microsoft Band visit Microsoft Band at http://www.microsoft.com/band

Disclaimer: I was so excited to be gifted the Microsoft band that I wanted to share it with you as its such a fantastic product for busy mums. All opinions are my own.