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Why baby showers continue to thrive


Why baby showers continue to thrive
By Leanne Hall, Clinical Psychologist and mum 
When you decide to begin a family or have another baby it’s a magical time in your life and it is a 
milestone that should be celebrated in your own way with the people you care about. The feel-good factor of being around friends and family in a time of uncertainty but immense excitement can provide emotional and psychological support by reminding the expectant mum that she is not alone. So it’s no surprise that a baby shower is the leading source of celebration for motherhood and an important fixture on the milestone calendar for expectant mums. 
One in two Australian mums held a baby shower for their child, according to fresh research* released by comfy nappy brand, BabyLove. The survey of over 1,000 Australian women revealed first time mums were the most likely to have a baby shower. If new to pregnancy, you’re going to experience the life changing transition to being a parent for the first time. This is one of the most significant transitions we experience during our life span. It’s a big deal! This is one of the main reasons why first time mum’s are likely to make more of a fuss. Also, they are typically starting from scratch and so need all the support and guidance they can get! 
When I had my first baby shower, it was organised by my sister and sister-in-law. It was an opportunity for the women in both my family and my husband’s family to come together with my closest friends to provide support and reassurance as I mentally prepared for the transition to motherhood. They didn’t let me lift a finger! 
It’s not hard to throw a baby shower. Keep it simple and use the internet for tips. I love the NEW BabyLove baby shower hub which includes everything new mothers or friends of expectant mothers need to throw a fun baby shower. The hub includes content related to party theme ideas, food and drink recipes, decoration tips, digital invitation templates and fun games. Most importantly, give your friends and family the opportunity to show you their support by letting them do most of the organising. It’s good practice for being a mum and learning to lean on loved ones for support from time to time.
Being a mum is one of the most important roles we will ever have. With that pressure comes apprehension and anxiety, as well as anticipation and excitement. It’s very normal to experience a roller coaster of emotions during this time, especially when you also consider the hormones running through your system! With that in mind, always remember to practice self-care by taking time out and by seeking the support of others. After all a healthy happy mum equals a healthy happy baby!