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Working out this whole new newborn world with the MyMedela app

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Only 14 days ago I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl. We have spent the last 2 weeks in a big newborn baby bubble, our little baby is perfect, and she’s living in a simple cycle of sleep, eat, poop, repeat…She’s doing everything she’s supposed to and getting gold stars from her doting parents along the way. The days are going along fast and each feed feels like it blends into the next. It’s really nice to have a newborn in the house again, we’re all filled with love with a side order of chaos. The big kids are loving her and she perks up when she hears their voices, it’s beautiful. But we are tired and it all feels like a bit of a blur. It can be tricky to keep up with when the last feed was and when the next should be coming up. 

A couple of weeks before our bub arrived I was gearing up ready for her arrival and I was introduced to the new MyMedela free app from Medela for new mums. I can let you know now, that it has been a total life saver. 

As a new mum, we are told by our midwives to document all feeds and nappies to make sure that our babies are eating well and their little digestive systems are working their magic. It’s also a great way to keep track of how long we fed for and what side we fed from last. 
When I had my other babies, I would have to note all this down in an exercise book with pencil and it would be a nice big scribbly, tired mess that could be lost in translation.
This is where the MyMedela app comes in; imagine having an app on your phone to document all this stuff.  MyMedela is your personal digital companion, providing practical advice, tips and tricks from experts on pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. It really is as great as it sounds.

With the new myMedela app, you can document all this important newborn activity with ease and everything is even placed on a pretty graph giving you a daily overview. The best part is that you can keep track of what’s happening whenever you want, with your personal MyMedela diary including when and how long you breastfeed and express milk, evaluate your progress and get tips from experts. The app even has a timer that you can press when you start a feed and this times how long you feed from each side and saves this information, meaning that you don’t even have to time yourself and document the info manually, it is really cool! 

I also love that you can track your baby’s size, weight, sleeping patterns and nappy changes 24/7. It’s nice to check the graphs to see how our baby is growing and changing and it gives us confidence that we are doing everything right. 

The app also provides a comprehensive guide to breastfeeding and answers to frequently asked questions about pregnancy, breastfeeding and Medela products. This is a great addition as breastfeeding isn’t always easy and it’s super encouraging to be able to have this support during such an overwhelming but exciting time. 

I highly recommend checking this new app out when you can and sharing it with any of your friends that have babies or babies on the way. It is a really great addition to any new Mumma’s life and they will thank you for it. The MyMedela app is available free on the Apple Store & Google Play Store.

It really has helped me get settled into this whole new phase of motherhood. And the encouragement and motivating little messages along the way give any tired Mumma a boost! 

    • MyMedela app is available free on the Apple Store & Google Play Store

May 14, 2016