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A little hippy update

A little hip update; as most of you know now, our little babe has hip dysplasia and it’s taken us on a roller coaster of emotions. You can read the first part of our journey here.

So over the past 5 weeks, I’ve been up and back to Sydney 4 times, its a 7 hour drive (8-10 hours with kids). Ihave kept my head about water for the most of it and been reassured that we’re doing whats best for our little babe. It’s definitely been tiring, especially with my husband away for work, but we’ve managed until last week when I pretty much completely lost it due to just worrying about the ultrasound results that we needed to see to find out if the pavlick harness was working. The doctors had really given us the run down on how Mabel’s hips were not a mild case of hip dysplasia and that we would be in for the long haul, maybe needing surgery and a cast. This broke my heart and the thought of it was really freaking me out. I do what I do best when I get really stressed, I started yelling at my husband. Yep, poor guy, he really gets the raw end of the deal. Anyway, the little babe and I plus the crazy 3 year old went off to Sydney to find out the verdict. Was the brace working or did we need to move to surgery? Well, the little bubba was an absolute champion. She is so cool, calm and cruisy; she goes on for the ride and gets prodded and poked.
We had out fortnightly brace change, then next day ultrasounds, then in to see the orthopaedic surgeon. We had great news, these little hips got gold stars. I seriously cried my eyes out with happiness!
Our orthopaedic surgeon was shocked with the progress, it looks like the brace has been working incredibly and will be coming off sometime in the next month to see how she goes. I still can’t believe it… It’s just incredible how little people can heal themselves with the right help.
We are not totally out of the clear yet, we have to still do everything the same when the brace comes off so she doesn’t regress and we will have a follow up ultrasound to make sure everything is staying in place. For now, we are celebrating. What a win!

Make sure you check out @HealthyHipsAustralia for endless info on hip dysplasia! And always get your bubby’s hips checked, not just once. We’ll update you guys again on Mabel’s progress soon. x