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Healthy Food Swaps

Healthy Food Swaps
By Belinda Reynolds, Dietitian and Nutritionist for IsoWhey
When you are trying to get healthy and lose weight, eating out and socialising with friends or family can seem like a major challenge. There are however some very simple tips which can help you to stay on track when you’re eating out. Belinda Reynolds, IsoWhey Dietitian and Nutritionist gives her suggestions on some easy ways to keep yourself on track: 
Not all calories are solids…  
Many individuals, when trying to track their calorie intake, forget to consider what’s in their cup. Drinks such as alcohol, soft drinks, coffee with sugar/sweet syrups, frappes, juices and iced teas contain high levels of sugar and other calories. If you enjoy fizzy drinks, try to substitute soft drink for mineral water with a wedge of lime. This is a much healthier option, will leave you guilt free and for some may be more satisfying than still water. When after a hot beverage, try a coffee type with less milk (no cream), and hold the syrups/sugar. Herbal teas are also excellent, and come in a huge variety of options.

Good or bad fat? 
There is often a lot of bad fat in our diets. Fat as a whole is not bad for you but certain fats such as that found in deep fried foods are far from a healthy option.  Try to remove these bad fats and replace them with good fats such as avocado, coconut oil, salmon, raw almonds and eggs. If you must have bad fats though, limit yourself to one serving per week. You will feel a whole lot better knowing that the fat you are eating is actually good for your body!
When eating out, avoid deep fried and battered foods, opting instead for grilled protein options with salad and/or vegetables. 

Replace or limit carbohydrates 
When weight loss is your goal, a lot of simple carbohydrates in the diet are not good for you. If you can’t cut them out but want to limit them, try having only one half cup serving per week as a treat. Alternatively you can replace them with healthy alternatives. For example:
  • Rice to Cauliflower rice or quinoa 
  • Pasta side dishes to Roasted non-starchy vegetables 
  • Mashed potatoes to cauliflower mash
  • Tacos/burritos to Lettuce leaves
These alternatives are healthy options that are still very enjoyable!

Swap your vices for the healthy options

The below healthy swaps will help you to eat healthier while not giving up the things you love completely. 
  • Add extra vegies and remove the pastry from dishes such as pies and quiches 
  • Try zucchini noodles as an alternative to pasta and noodles
  • Eat chicken breast and/or thigh instead of Chicken Schnitzels
  • Pre-Made Sauces are high in sugars and salt, try using mixes of herbs, or even add a small amount of honey and soy sauce for extra flavour. 
  • Watch out for Yoghurts as Snacks because they can be full of hidden sugars. Instead eat plain, full-fat, non-flavoured Greek yoghurt with some interesting toppings such as IsoWhey Wholefoods Organic Cacao Powder or the IsoWhey Wholefoods Organic Superfood Sprinkle.
Making a healthy change to your diet may seem like a huge change but it doesn’t have to be. This content includes extracts of the new IsoWhey Weight Management program e-book, free to download.