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REAL MUM REVIEW: Tiguan 132TSI Comfortline with Driver Assistance Package


Recently, we were lucky enough to take the Volkswagen Tiguan 132TSI Comfortline with Driver Assistance Package for a road test. We picked up this futuristic car, locked in the baby and child seats, loaded in the kids and took it for the weekend for a spin around the city. I wanted to really put it to the test from a  family’s point of view, I wanted to see how this car really works as everyone raves about it and now I can see why. Volkswagen has recently launched this model and I can tell you that with the technology it holds, it feels like you’re in a car from the future. Most of the time I spent in the car, I was laughing in shock with all of it’s amazing features. I was shocked again and again and it excited me so much to see how far cars have come and you can really see that in the video below.

The Volkswagen Tiguan 132TSI Comfortline with Driver Assistance Package truly is a car made for a family, it has so much space and it’s safety features are high class.

Not only does it have features like Front Assist with City Emergency Brake, Lane Assist, Park Assist and a Rear View Camera but it has incredible technology that connects your phone and apps giving you complete hands free phone driving as well as a super simple navigation system.

Key Standard Safety Features:

Lane Assist.  A camera monitors lane markings to prevent you from leaving the road and crossing into an oncoming lane.

Park Assist.  Actively helps you in and out of parallel and bay parking spaces through sensors on the sides of the front and rear bumpers working with parking distance sensors front and rear.

Front Assist. The radar sensor detects when a car in front is critically close and helps mitigate a potential impact.

In regards to the optional driver assistance package you have; Adaptive Cruise Control, Side Assist with Rear Traffic Alert, Active Info Display, Area Viewing and power folding windows. These features all make driving so unbelievably easy and stress free as a mum as it’s like it thinks ahead for us.

Driver Assistance Package Features:

Area View.  A 360 degree birds eye view of the area around your vehicle is provided by four cameras, which are discreetly integrated into the vehicle.

Active Info Display.  Displays vehicle data such as your navigation map directly into the instrument display, and allows different views to be tailored ideally to your personal needs.

Rear Traffic Alert.  When reversing, rear traffic alert monitors side traffic and alerts you if a car is coming either sides with a warning and stops if required.

The spaciousness of this car is really unbelievable; all the fantastic storage compartments, you can easily fit 3 baby and child seats across the back seat and it also boasts a 615L class leading luggage space means there’s more than enough room for your cricket bat, pram and school bags in the boot.

Another one of my favourite parts, is the navigation system and how it sits digitally right in front of you, behind the steering wheel, meaning you don’t need to glance anywhere from the road to know where you need to go to next, to get to your set destination. This is a real winner!

As I was driving this car over that weekend, I kept thinking how perfect this car is for a mum, a busy mum like all of us, always doing 100 things at once, this car makes us feel safe as we drive getting from place to place in our daily kid and work chaos as it thinks ahead for us in a way, making it an amazingly easy and safe car to drive. I absolutely LOVED trialling the new Volkswagen Tiguan and can confidently recommend it to families wanting something big, super stylish and whizz bang full of features!