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Life Lately…

Well, I always seem to be inspired to write when I am overtired and a little bit grumpy. Should I apologise to you now or at the end of this post? Maybe just a warning; This post will not be inspiring but this is our reality. ALL TIRED MUMS UNITE! (Can we make up a hand pose for that?)

So tonight; after I’d got home from work, picked up the kids from their grandmas, gone to the shops to pick up food for dinner, and then cooked us the yummy Mexican feast for dinner (with kids attached) that my lovely husband had requested that morning, he waltz’s in with cheer from his new job, celebrating the end of the work week with a box of Dan Murphy’s delights to make Margaritas, to go with the Mexican fiesta that I had created. Wouldn’t that be a nice gesture if I could actually have a drink right??? But no, I can’t drink, because I’m pregnant with our fourth child so yes, it’s a Mexican fiesta, party for one. In the hormonal, overtired state that I’m in, after the exhausting, stupidly busy week I’ve had, I’m pissed off! I can’t help it. I can’t sit there happily and talk about life while he’s enjoying that margarita, that I would actually love to have a glass (or 2, or 3, or 4) of! So we eat dinner, I clean up, kids go to bed, he parties on and I take myself to bed with a block of chocolate and the bachelorette to catch up on, on my lap top. YAY FOR FRIDAY! Life is awesome right???
Perfect opportunity to write a blog post yes?
Hahaha it’s safe to say a lot has gone on in the past few months. Yes, we are having another baby next year which will be an interesting feat. I’ve just hit the half way mark this week and I’m tired… I know I should be excited, I always liked the idea of 4 kids, but it’s hard to be really excited when it’s also so overwhelming. I know it will be wonderful, it will be hard, but it will be great so I’m holding onto that thought, through the exhaustion, up and down ongoing morning sickness and the scary thought of the amount of washing I’m going to have to deal with when they are all teenagers. It’s going be wonderful!
I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned before that I have a teaching degree is Dance and PDHPE; anyway, I’ve made some nice connections and have a job until the end of this year teaching PE and Health. It’s really great and I’m loving the time at High School. It’s nice to step out of the mum shoes every now and again. But it’s also a major juggle; organising 3 kids into 3 different places every day, Β it’s crazy but we’re surviving. I seriously take my hat off to all of you amazing working Mumma’s!
My husband also has a job here! I mean, he always works hard but after 2 years of working away, he has just scored a job in an area he is really passionate about and is 2 weeks in. It’s really exciting for our family that he gets to come home every night. The kids are really stoked!
We renovated the kitchen and added a deck. FUN FUN FUN! Hmmmm not really that fun while we were doing it, renovating is crap but once it’s done, it is so lovely. Kind of like child birth; it sucks while your going through it but when it’s done, you really have created something beautiful! πŸ˜‰
I’ll share some pictures with you over on Instagram. Our deck is so amazing, I just love it! And the kitchen, so bright, white and fresh now. We still have some painting, new carpet and some light fittings to update but it’s all a work in progress. Give me another 2 years or so for that…
We have been here for 2 years! 2 years on the far south coast, far away from the traffic and noise. I am really loving it in this area. I never appreciated it as much as a teenager but coming back with kids it is lovely. I honestly feel so at peace living here and knowing everything we want to do here is so easy. Having little kids is a constant juggle and being in a place that feels nice and seems to simplify that craziness is really lovely. Going places and doing things just seems so much easier and less stressful and the sense of community that goes with it is amazing. I have no idea where the future will take us but for now, I am super happy just right here.
We’ve started making a few of really good friends but it is hard when you’ve been away for so long and never kept very good connections. People have built good friendships over the years and we are kind of stepping into already well bound territory. I’m definitely meeting a lot of great people, and bumping into them a lot but we still don’t get invited to a lot of stuff. It all takes time though and I’ll keep getting out there and building the relationships that are forming. One of the best things I did do when we first moved here was have Mabel and go to her mothers group, new babies are definitely great ways to make new connections and this bunch of mums is pretty awesome. πŸ˜‰
One thing I’m really noticing in life lately is that having kids is busy, like uncomfortably busy. Busy is not that fun. It’s fun to do fun stuff but running around to ballet, school, preschool, swimming, soccer, nippers, blah blah blah, isn’t fun stuff. I love my kids so I will keep up the mothering but I’m going to try to keep the chaos to minimal where I can. Wish me luck???
Oh well, the days are long but the years fly past. We keep on going and we do the best job that we can. It’s time for an early night.
How are you surviving these days of motherhood??? Would love to hear from you.
Chat soon, Cass x