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Choosing the perfect car for a big family

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Big families mean big cars. It’s an interesting task, growing your family. It’s all fun and games when you’re creating kids but then the logistics of having to keep them can be a difficult task. I never wanted more than 2 children, after Sunny I was done. But then a couple of years later, this thing came over me and I just knew we needed another baby. It was then that I liked the idea of having 4 children, the family pictures online with any less just didn’t look comfy enough. I toyed with the idea but my husband was never sold, 3 was his number right from the beginning.
Then a year after having that perfect third child Miss Mabel, we were lucky enough to be gifted a surprise… YAY another baby. Hmmmm the idea was nice, the reality has totally freaked me out and put me in an overwhelming state where I now live, everyday. We don’t mind if the kids share rooms or we live on top of each other. We don’t mind cosy but we do need to cart this tribe around safely and this means we need cars that fit Soccer teams.
The Dad of the house currently has a 5 seater car that obviously won’t fit the whole crew and he’s been looking for something bigger for a little while. He’d love a land cruiser or a VW van. The problem with bigger cars is that they cost more money and having more children, you have less money to go around.
I’m a problem solver when it comes to making sure we have what we need and I like to make things work. I also like to make people happy so we’re still in research mode on how we can make this miracle happen.
Here are our 7 non-negotiables when we’re looking for a bigger car:
  1. It must have 7+ seats.
  2. It must have storage space for prams and other junk kids need on a daily basis.
  3. It must be a four wheel drive.
  4. It must be able to tow a boat.
  5. It must have less than 100K kms on the clock.
  6. Good service log book with a completed checklist for servicing, car history and repairs.
  7. It must look reasonably pretty.
Using the NRMA’s car loan calculator, is the easiest way for us to find out our options, and give us affordable and flexible repayment methods, cool huh?
We have been members of the road side assistance for a while now but never considered NRMA for a car loan before.
The application process looks great with no monthly fees, pre-approval within 5 business hours and funds available the next day. Eeeeekkkk! You can get a loan for a new or a used car and they offer a 21 day loan satisfaction guarantee. So if it’s not what you’re looking for, you can make other arrangements. It actually all seems just way too easy.
So now we have some more car research to do to make sure we find the perfect car for our ever so big and growing family.
What are your top tips for buying a bigger car? Share with us in the comments.
October 13, 2017