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My Baby Moon in a Private Hospital

This post is supported by APHA

I never thought I would have a 4th baby. I just didn’t see myself to be cut out for such a task of raising 4 children! I have always been a believer that that universe gives you what you can cope with and as I move towards the end of my fourth pregnancy I wonder what the heck the universe was thinking when they decided I was going to have 4. I mean, 2 kids was more than enough for me to give love to. I was really done at 2…then 2 years later life got that little bit easier, we fell in love all over again and we just had to add one more. But 4? Really? I really worry that I just don’t have the energy inside me to give all four little humans everything their beautiful little minds need. I guess that’s where all the personal growth comes from though right? When the universe sends you something you’re not ready for to make you leap out of your comfort zone!

As the end of this pregnancy is drawing near, I’m exhausted and spending a lot of time at home, I’m not in the nesting phase yet but I’m definitely in the phase where I can’t be bothered going out much and just enjoying my own time in my own home. Life is going fast but the pregnancy feels like it’s going slow and I haven’t had time to think too much about having the actual baby or adding another child into our home as I was finding it a bit too overwhelming.

In the last few days though, the reality of it all has finally started to hit and the logistics of having the baby are things we need to face and plan for. The excitement of actually having a new baby is slowing trickling in and the happy hormones are flowing. I’m preparing for birth with yoga and supplements and I’m excited to be supported by my amazing obstetrician and have the baby at the private hospital where I’ve had my previous babies. I know what I’m in for and I know how caring and supportive all the midwives are and what great resources they have on hand in such a great facility.

What I’m most really looking forward to though, are those first few days after giving birth and that love bubble that us Mums fall into; I call this the “baby moon”. It’s that week you have your baby, the first time you have with your newborn, the time when mum and baby get to bond and spend every moment together just staring into each other and feeding on demand. It’s the special time for learning the ropes and the first start of motherhood with baby on the outside.

This time together is so very precious and that’s why I believe it’s so important to be in a supportive environment in your own private room and this is why I’m such an advocate of private hospitals. I have had such amazing experiences post birth, being in a private hospital, having my own room and loving on my newborn. It’s so blissful to have the peace of knowing no one is interrupting you unless necessary and having the support of the same doctor see you the following days for check ups.

It’s lovely knowing that you have the room for your visitors to comfortably meet your new baby and that you’re not disturbing anyone else by chatting to friends or ringing the bell to ask for help. At private hospitals, there’s also great resources like lactation consultants on hand, breast feeding classes that you can wander down the hall to attend, physiotherapy classes where they teach you the exercises that you need to do after birth to gain the muscles back in all those areas that it gets lost. I remember after having both Sunny and Mabel how beneficial attending those in-hospital classes were and how happy I was to be in a private hospital where I got to experience this. The physiotherapist checked our stomach separation and gave us tools to take home with us to recover after pregnancy and childbirth.

The food is also great, they offer an upgrade to a larger room with a queen bed that your partner can stay in overnight and they even give you a “date night” in hospital with your partner. This is so special after having a baby as you know you don’t get to go out with your partner much when you have a newborn attached so the hospital puts on a special dinner for you, very close to the maternity ward and they mind your baby in the nursery while you enjoy a meal together. Isn’t that incredible? The list is endless really and it’s such a wonderful experience after such a big event; child-birth.

Having a baby isn’t the most comfortable thing, so if we can treat ourselves with a loving and supportive environment full of fantastic resources, I’m all for it and I can’t wait for my baby moon in a private hospital in less than 7 weeks!

For more information on private hospitals, visit http://privatehospitals.org.au 

January 26, 2018
March 8, 2018