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When you’re free and can wash all those hospital germs off 💦 #bliss
This babe is a true little inspiration; she gave me a 10 day jail sentence and scared me like I’ve never felt before.

Last week we took her into the local hospital to get her breathing checked as she was choking and sounded a bit chesty when she fed… within the hour they had her hooked up to fancy machines and were taking test after test. We were lucky that the tests came back quick and showed she had a respiratory virus that sets off bronchiolitis… we were told the key to this was to support her breathing and tiny body while her little body fought the virus. But she was only 8 days old?!?!? 😭😬 We were looked after all day and by afternoon baby Clover was getting a lot worse and she had exhausted all the resources there. By 8pm the doctor on duty called Sydney for advice and within the hour a neonatal team had been flown down and by midnight we were on our first helicopter ride, airlifted to Sydney Children’s Hospital. This followed with 4 days in the paediatric intensive care unit which was truly the most emotional days I’ve ever experienced as a Mum and sleep? Well there isn’t much of that! Other children come and go, and the parents all sit by their little ones and cry a lot, at times together and give each other hope and encouraging words to keep going. But knowing that the nurses and doctors see so many sick kids, yet sad, puts your mind at ease that you are, without a doubt, in the right place. Asking how she’s going was constant and sometimes you get a great response like “she’s going so well “ and other times the words; “yes she’s stable”… I think those last ones will haunt me for a while… because what does that even mean? “Well she’s still breathing and her hearts still beating so she’s not dead?” 😭🙈
Her little tummy was left empty to leave room for her lungs to breathe and she had cords coming out from everywhere. She was starving and there was nothing I could do but keep expressing to keep my breast milk going for when she was ready and give her a pat and a cuddle.
Endless poking and prodding,chest x-rays, more tests, feeding tubes, IV drips,the works.

She took it all and was a real trooper and I am so proud.
We spent another 5 days in the ward watching her stats, playing around with oxygen and pressure, seeing how her body would respond, waiting for her to turn that corner and just get better.
Well, today was the day, the doctors were happy and we were set free! 🙌🏼✨
She still has a little road to recovery and we have to check in again before we head home but things are looking much brighter for our Clover girl and I’ve told her she’s not to give me any more grief in the future 💕💪🏼
I am so grateful to every nurse and doctor who looked after us on this journey. To think how lucky we are to live in this country and how incredible the human body is, even at a couple of weeks old. 💪🏼

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March 8, 2018
March 28, 2018