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Knowing we were on the verge of becoming a super huge family, whilst I was pregnant with baby Clover, I was always looking out for the perfect king bed. It was the transition that I was so excited to be making, having that extra bit of room in the bed, I never thought my mum life would come to such simple joys being so exciting! For the past 8 years, I’ve slept most nights with a foot, an arm or a face on the face from little one, OR just lived in limited room of pregnancy. The queen bed, which I wont lie, has always been really comfortable, but is just not big enough for us. It’s always cramped because of an extra set of limbs.
Thats when the Koala kept popping up in my social media news feed, it was like it was calling me to check it out. I’m a mum of 4, at that time I was heavily pregnant with 3 and getting to the shops to try mattresses was never going to happen. Getting out the door just for school drop off is hard enough! So first tempting part was that you can purchase online with FREE DELIVERY!!! Free delivery for a mattress is pretty unheard of because they are such a heavy item. And delivery is usually expensive right?
Next thing is that beds are expensive, especially big beds so knowing that they have such an incredible return policy was a selling point. Can you believe that you can purchase the bed, sleep on it for 120 nights and then if you don’t like it, they come pick it up and give you a full refund? Completely hassle free. I love this. Each mattress has a 10 year warranty and each purchase includes a symbolic koala adoption through the WWF. Amazing.

It’s also all Australian made, they pride themselves on taking the highest-quality Australian materials and ingenuity, combine them magically in their cutting edge facilities and service.



They say that the Koala gives you a “cool, comfortable and supportive sleep.” I was very happy to be able to put this to the test.
Well the verdict is in… We are keeping the Mattress! 
Ordering online is easy, click a few buttons, and it can ship in metro areas in 4 hours. Wow. We live in the country so it arrived 2 days later which is still pretty amazing considering normal mail deliver to this area can take up to 10 days. The mattress comes rolled in a box, its very compact and easy to move to where you need it.
It’s super fun unpacking it; you unroll it and it pops up into a large mattress, it was like a magic show for the kids.
The Koala is a foam mattress, this is definitely a different feel to our old mattress but I have embraced it and really like it. When compared to our old mattress, it is quite a bit firmer but it’s comfortable as it also feels soft which is hard to explain. I like that there is no movement or disruption to other people in the bed. It’s a big bed being a king size so we have slept with 4 of us in it so far and didn’t notice each other too much which was different for me as I’m usually pushing little arms or legs away. Haha.
All in all, we are really happy with our Koala mattress, its affordable, supportive and comfortable.
If you interested in taking a look, asking any questions or getting one for yourself, just go to: https://au.koala.com/products/koala-mattress
Disclaimer: I was gifted the Koala Mattress to trial and review although ALL comments and words are my own.