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Motherhood : [REALITY]

Motherhood : [REALITY] Living in constant limbo between loving my children and asking myself how I’m even surviving each day…am I really cut out for this? The battle between a constant nagging noise from every direction just for love and the reality of how many things I need to get done…everywhere we look, it tells us to be more present, play with your kids, don’t worry about the mess or the chores, just savour these moments when they’re young…but those kids need to be fed, and their clothes need to be washed, dried, folded and put back in their drawers. They need their lunches made, their hair done, they need to be taken to school, picked up from school and then taken to their activities. They need to practice their readers, do spelling words and practise piano.They need breakfast, dinner and sometimes dessert…someone needs to then clean all those dishes, wipe down the kitchen ready for another day to do it all again. We need to pay bills, do paperwork and get permission notes in on time…In between all that, those kids need to be loved. So after a day of crying, feeding, all that stuff mentioned above and more, how are we supposed to do it all and not be cursing those beautiful kids into bed? How are we supposed to do everything and keep smiles on our faces? Life can’t just stop so we can all be earth mothers and be 100% present. There’s just too much to do.Through sickness and health, us mums keep going..that’s what we do, we do it all.
Tonight I ran back and forth from making dinner, building birthday LEGO with mr 5, singing wiggles songs with miss 2, running up and down the stairs to listen to miss 7 practising piano, all while nursing a screaming, windy baby and battling with a bad case of mastitis. I couldn’t do any of it full heartedly but I juggled it because I love them..It was obvious I was done and I think I could of easily just ran away if that was even an option…so tell me, what are your tips for survival? I do love my job but it’s definitely a battle sometimes. 💕

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May 14, 2018