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How did I get so lucky?

how did I get so lucky four kids

How did I get so lucky?!? Mum life has been a complete blur through the beautiful chaos of the past 6 months. It’s not a secret that I have found the transition to 4 Little’s pretty overwhelming.

Days can be a mess and everyone needs a completely different thing at the same time but over the past few weeks of exploring some different places all together; the northern beaches, @thredboresort and @thewoodsfarm it’s given me the reboot I needed.

I feel so blessed to have this life and all the incredible people around me. The refresh button has been pressed and every time I look at these stunning faces I’m in complete awe at really how lucky I am.

Now that we are home again, through the daily grind, I’m going to try focusing on the good stuff, Who ever thought it would be me with 4 kids?!? So much personality, confidence, and all so different in their own way. Just perfect; all of them! ❤️

What positive vibes do you have this week to tackle the whole Mum job?


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