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I had my 4th baby (7 months ago) – sort of a birth story.

Clover – 1 day old

Wow how time flies when your having fun, OR when your living in complete chaos, it all just flies by in a blur.
Well, just over 7 months ago, I had a beautiful baby girl. She truly is perfect and I feel so very blessed to have another little road runner to add to my gorgeous tribe of blonde babes. So much has gone on since having her but I’ll try to stick to the point of this post as I finally have found the time and energy to write it down on this platform.
I was so nervous about having another baby; I was overwhelmed! Things haven’t changed much in that regard, I’m still overwhelmed on the daily but that is just life with lots of kids.
Our precious little Clover was born at the beginning of March, 2018. We didn’t know what we were getting; a boy or a girl but I had a hunch we were adding another girl. Poor Sunny I thought, growing up with too many hormones around him. They will make him the perfect husband for a lucky lady in the future. πŸ˜‰

As I’d mentioned in previous blog posts, we were having our baby back in Sydney with the doctor that had supported me through my previous births. We felt so safe and supported through the pregnancy journey and just really busy in life to worry too much about what was to come.
My pregnancy was reasonably smooth sailing so we stayed home on the coast as long as we could and then travelled to Sydney the week before my due date. I had never gone into labour naturally as I seemed to always go well overdue so I didn’t expect I would. I planned the birth out with the induction date which would be 10-14 days after my due date. I was a VBAC and I was prepared for the induction. My main focus was to not rush the process like I had in the past, no trying EVERYTHING to get labour started, I just walked every day, did my she births meditation and tried not to get too wrapped up in the rush, I was ok to wait it out and be induced when necessary. My husband was still working down the coast as I didn’t want him to have to take time off work before the baby came as I knew I’d need him for as long as I could afterwards to help out at home with 4 kids. He was just going to come to Sydney a few days before the induction.
The day before my due date, I left the kids with my sister and I took a walk along the local lake. The plan was to walk for an hour but when I got to 30 minutes it looked like I was pretty much half way around the lake so I thought to keep walking to get around the whole way back to my car. Well, I was not half way…2 hours and 10kms later I got back to my car. It was funny at the time, I really enjoyed the time by myself, it must of got things going though as the next day I was at a friends house for the afternoon and my waters broke. It was my due date! Soooooo strange, I wasn’t even sure if it was my waters as I had never had it happen before. A few gushes later I thought I better give the hospital a call and see what they thought. My friend and I were laughing, excited, nervous, all the emotions and it was great sharing the experience with her. The hospital said I better come in to get checked so I got the kids in the car, dropped them to my sister and drove myself into hospital. Meanwhile, I’m in peak hour traffic, I’m getting contractions and my husband is still at work 7 hours away!!! I’m thinking of the movies, thinking of friends having shot gun births in ambulances 30 minutes after their waters have broken, and planning how I’ll pull over to have my baby in the middle of afternoon Sydney traffic. It was quite hilarious all the thoughts going through my mind as I drove into the hospital. I felt empowered though. I knew my other kids were safe and I wanted to get to hospital by myself and see what they said, they might of told me it was nothing and to go home. Andrew had jumped in his car by this stage and was on his way to Sydney, calling me every 10 minutes to see if I’d made it to hospital yet.
Contractions had kicked in and I kept thinking, shit, I’m in labour, in peak hour traffic, by myself, but I’m ok.
I parked the car and walked through the car park with a towel between my legs, completely saturated like I’d wet my pants. I laughed as I walked into the birthing suite reception by myself saying: “I guess my waters have broken” thinking of how I have to give an excuse why my husbands not with me. I kept thinking how funny this situation must of looked like. The nurse took me to a room where I could get comfortable. Contractions were in full swing and I called my husband every half an hour making sure he was safe and how much longer he’d be, all for my own peace of mind while I watched married at first sight. πŸ˜‰ Β Would he miss the birth, I had no idea. The nurses assured me I had a marathon ahead and try to rest. As soon as I really tried to rest, it was like everything took off and it felt like all guns blazing. My husband walked through the doors just after 11pm and I found my happy place in the shower where I spoke positive birthing affirmations. It was getting tough but I really felt so confident and excited that this was my first spontaneous labour.
The problem with childbirth is that each time you do it, you have memories and stories that creep back in from the past that can inhibit the whole experience and process. I remember all throughout Mabel’s birth, I had flash backs of the hard parts of Pia’s birth which held me back and when I think back now, both were very different but also good birth experiences.
This time, I went into this birth prepared to succeed, I did the online she births program, I was listening to good birth stories online and I remembered my own strengths that I had birthed 2 babies before. I could do this.

In the morning, the doctor walked in and our baby was born into this world with such ease and happiness. I was literally laughing. She was the one that gave me the birth that I could of only dream of and healed all the stories I had created in my head. Β It was a birth I needed for myself. It was incredible.
The first moment I saw that little face and the first cuddles we had. She was it, she was ours and she was everything we dreamed she’d be and more.
I enjoyed a couple of hours of skin to skin, breastfeeding, cuddling and staring at her little face before anyone bothered us. It was magic.
Followed by 4 blissful days in the maternity ward learning more about our newest addition. The hospital had a spare suite available so upgraded us because it was my fourth baby so we had way more room, treats and a view of the harbour bridge. It was all quite surreal and special.
The kids all visited daily and met their brand new baby sister, lots of cuddles and love for her. Then we were off home to tackle the next adventure as family of 6.

More to come of what happened next another time. I love sharing life on the blog so I’m going to try to get on here again more frequently, but in the mean time, I’m a lot more active over on Instagram.

One loved up Mama, signing out. πŸ˜‰





September 20, 2018