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Remember when you wanted what you currently have now? I do! The dream… 💫

Look at these fresh faced, happy, fun people that did what ever they wanted, whenever they wanted.
Did we really know what was to come??? We were newly engaged , roughly 10 years ago…I don’t think there was any idea of the chaos that we were about to create; how much fun we’d have or how hard it would be. What we knew though well was that we both wanted to be parents; I wanted 2 kids, he wanted 3. 😜 We wanted to live a simple life, full of fun times, a house, holidays, exploring and learning new things with our little tribe in tow.

Soooo many loving conversations about the life that we dreamt of creating together. We’re deep in the midst of it all, but I’m pretty sure we’re there, we’ve made it, we’re living in that dream we once dreamt together, when it was just us! How the days can be so long, the years fly by in a flash and we’re doing everything we set out to do together.

Although, most days never feel like they’re about us anymore, everything now, is about them. More time for us will come around again. Through the daily sweat and tears on the parenting frontline, we have to be proud that we’ve made it, and now to let more of the journey unfold… growing and learning to work together as we go. 💪🏼❤️🥂

Be proud mums and dads! Set your intentions of what you want and make it happen, life’s a ride but it’s a fun one through the daily crazy! 🤸🏼‍♀️


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November 1, 2018